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Outagamie County (Wis.) State Centennial Committee / Land of the fox, saga of Outagamie County

Mann, John P.
"Readin', 'ritin' and 'rithmetic",   pp. 186-207 PDF (9.3 MB)

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Centennial Rural Graduation 1948
  In 1894 plans were begun for estab-
lishing a free high school but it was not
until 1903 that a high school course was
adopted. The faculty had three members
with L. A. Budahn as principal. The first
year the enrollment was 23. Mathematics,
English, history, science and social science
were taught. After several years a full
commercial course was added. In 1935 a
music department was added, with musi-
cal training available for high school and
grade students. A new addition to the
building, housing the Music, Agriculture
and Homemaking Departments was com-
pleted in 1942. Full courses in agriculture
and homemaking     were offered, with
evening classes in both departments avail-
able for adults. At this time playgrounds
were added to the school grounds. As the
tuition students increased in number,
school buses were used to transport the
rural students, until at the present time
the school has three buses in use. In 1946
a kitchen and dining room were installed
i the basement and a full hot lunch pro-
gram was made available for the students.
In 1947 a guidance program was added to
the high school program. At the present
time, forensics, music and athletics play
an important role in the curriculum
  The total number of graduates from
Hortonville High School is 709, the class
of 1948 leading with 38 members.
  The high school reached the peak of its
enrollment in   1947-172 students. As
Hortonville nears the end of the first
century in its educational program, we
again find it making plans for a new
school; it is a new high school this time.
  In seeking out information on the early
history of the Public School at Kimberly
we found the best and most reliable source
to be the minutes of the annual school
meetings held in July of each year. The
first meeting was held on April 29, 1890,
for the purpose of organizing School
District Six, Town of Buchanan, Outa-
gamie County. (Kimberly was not yet a
village.) School officers elected included:
William  Geenen, clerk; A. A. Burns,
treasurer; S. C. Bothwell, director. On
May 5, 1890, a special meeting to discuss
a site and building of a proposed school
was held. A decade later a second teacher
was procured and the board made plans
for a new school.
  In 1910 Miss Lydia Schaefer became the
first principal of the school. Seven years
later the first ninth grade class was started
and in 1918 a program for a tenth grade
class was set up. In July, 1921, a kinder-
garten was added to the school. Then at
the annual meeting in July, 1924, the sum
of $62,660 was set aside for an entire new

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