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Outagamie County (Wis.) State Centennial Committee / Land of the fox, saga of Outagamie County

Baker, Louis C.
Call to worship,   pp. 164-185 PDF (9.8 MB)

Page 164

          By Louis C. Baker
  The Fox River which for centuries has
been the natural highway from     Lake
Michigan and Green Bay across the state
to the Wisconsin River at Portage and
thence to the Mississippi carried those
first enterprising and courageous Jesuit~s
on their missions of Christianity and
civilization. This river is of greatest im-
portance in the early annals of missionary
work in Eastern Wisconsin. Beginning
with the coming of Jean Nicolet to Green
Bay in 1634, a stream of French mission-
aries and explorers passed up and down
our great river, pausing here and there to
visit a fur trader or to celebrate the Mass
and then to continue their journey.
  Allouez, Albanel, Andr6 and Silvy were
among the priests who worked with the
Indians of this region and who traveled
through the county. They either traveled
the Fox River or crossed overland to an
Outagamie village near New London. We
might add to these names that of the
architect-priest, Father Mazzuchelli, who
arrived in Green Bay in 1835 on his way to
Prairie du Chien, and who stopped often
at Kaukauna.
  The first Catholic church established in
what is now Outagamie County was built
at Little Chute by Father T. J. Van den
Broek in 1836. Father Van den Broek was
transferred from Ohio in 1834 to become
a missionary to the Indians of Wisconsin.
He arrived at Kaukauna in 1835 and lived
later in Little Chute in a small hut until
the completion of the first church in 1836.
In 1842 Bishop LeFevre visited the new
church and was received by the Indians
in procession. In 1843 the Indians (Me-
nominee) were moved to a new reserve
on Lake Poygan and Father Van den
Broek lost the greater part of his congre-
gation. In 1844 Bishop Henni of Mil-
waukee traveled through Little Chute
and was entertained at the home of
Augustin Grignon at Grand Kaukalin
(Kaukauna). In 1847 Father Van den

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