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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1891-92 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.
Volume III (1891-1892)

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Page 141

      SCH                   141                SCH
Scheffler Gustav, lab., res. 151 2d av.
Scheil Adam, blksmith, res. 764 Appleton.
Scheitler Josephine (wid. Anton), res. 931 Jefferson.
Schenk August, lab., res. 168 2d av.
Schenk Mary (wid. Martin), res. rear 967 College av.
Scherbarth Mary, domestic 682 Lawrence.
Scherck William E. B., cooper 758 Superior, res. same.
Scherer Marie Miss, res. 697 D)urkee.
Scherer Martin, chairmkr, res. rear 864 College av.
Schertz John, lab., res. 799 Durkee.
Schibursky Christoph, clothing, 781 College av., res, 694 North.
Schiederineyer George (Schiedermeyer & Bosser), res. 1005 Col-
  lege av.
Schiedermayer Max, meat market, 604 College av., res. same.
SC H IED E RIIMAYER & BOSSER (George Schiedetnayt r
  and William Bosser), tinware and tin roofing, 1015 College av.
Schild John, lab., res. 982 Union.
Schildt Adolph, lab., res. 1038 2d.
Schildt Mary (wid. Christian), res. 1038 2d.
Schilhabel Andrew, lab., res. 953 College av.
Schilling Lucy Miss, res. 704 North.
Schimberg Annie Miss, res. 877 Lake.
Schimberg Henry, lab., res. 877 Lake.
Schimberg Henry Jr., compositor Appleton Volksfreund, res.
  877 Lake.
Schiniberg Josephine Miss, res. 877 Lake.
Schimmelpfennig Mary, domestic 726 D)urkee.
Schindler Eliza Miss, res. 1019 Lake.
Schindler Julianna (wid. Matthias), res. 1019 Lake.
Schinners Michael, helper, res. 418 Cherry.
Schintz Louis, real estate and abstracts, 803 College av., res. 520
Schirmn Amilie Miss, res. 680 College av.
Sehlack Emil, lab., res. 1086 N. Divison.
  Benjamin Barrett and William Tesch), hardware, stoves and
  tiiĆ½ware, 819 College av.
Schlafer Otto P. (Schlafer, Barrett Tesch), res. 638 Washington.
Schlegel Herman J., foreman Schlafer, Barrett & Tesch, res. 808
Schleitweller Jacob, lab., res. 851 Pacific.
Schlichter Henry, prop. Manitowoc House, 649 Lake, res. same.
Schlichter John, barkpr, res. 649 Lake.

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