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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1891-92 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.
Volume III (1891-1892)

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Page 131

      PRO                  131                RAD
Proctor Anna M. (wid. B. Franklin), res. 529 College av.
Pruyne Liddia M. Miss, res. 615 Green Bay.
Puffer Caroline Mrs., res. 523 Alton.
Puffer Libbie R. Miss, d&essmkr, 523 Alton, res. same.
Puffer Ransom, carpenter, res. 851 Fair.
Puffer Stella It. Miss, dressrnkr, 523 Alton, res. same.
Pulp Wood Supply Co., W. B. Murphy, mngr., 584 Morrison.
Purath Frederick, lab., res. 1032 Harriman.
Purdy Annette C. Miss, teacher, res. 802 Appleton.
Purdy Cynthia J. (wid. William A.), res. 802 Appleton.
Purdy Edith A. Miss, teacher, res. 802 Appleton.
Putney Charles L., bkpr. Appleton Mnfg. Co., res. 1036 Lawrence.
Pynn Alfred, patternmkr, res. 935 Morrison.
Pynn Emma L., teacher, res. 921 Morrison.
Pynn Erwin E., lather, res. 921 Morrison.
Pynn George, carpenter, res. 921 Morrison.
Pynn Hubert E., carpenter, res. 546 Atlantic.
UADE Nicholas, carpenter, res. 1212 Sth.
       Quast John, butcher, res. 705 Appleton.
       Quinn Edward, lab., res. 444 Cherry.
 R AAB Theresa (wid. George), res. 981 8th.
      Rabbold Fred, soldier, res. 1400 2d.
Rabideau Anton, lab., res. 986 College av.
Raddatz Ida, domestic 657 Oneida.
Rademacher Harm, mason contractor, res. 887 N. Division.
Rademacher John G., elk. T. F. Stark, res. 891 N. Division.
Rademacher Peter, mason contractor, res. 891 N. Division.
Radke Augusta Miss, res. 517 John.
Radke Paul, electrician, res. 059 Lake.
Radloff John, butcher A. E. Wolfram, res. 702 N. Division.
Radloff ,Joseph, lab., res. 724 State.
Radloff Mary (wid. Fred), res. 702 N. Division.
Radtke Anna Miss, res. 1107 Oneida.
Radtke August, lab., res. 1175 Oneida.
Radtke Charles, shoemkr, 722 Appleton, res. 1107 Oneida.
Radtke Frederick, shoeinkr, res. 1224 Oneida.
Radtke Gustav, barber, 711 Appleton, res. 1107 Oneida.

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