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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1891-92 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.

[Alphabetical list of names: M],   pp. 108-118 PDF (3.3 MB)

Page 115

       MOE                 115                MOR
 Moeskes Herman E., stndent, res. 926 8th.
 Moeskes Katherine M. Miss, res. 926 8th.
 Moeskes M. A. F. Miss, register in probate, res. 926 8th.
 Mohr. See Moore.
 Molberg Axel, tailor, 816 College av., res. 787 Appleton.
 Moll Arthur, engineer C. & N. W. R. R., res. 733 Oneida.
 Moll Augusta (wid. Christian), res. 733 Oneida.
 Moll Balthasar, beer peddler, res. 982 Lawrence.
 Moll Minnie Miss, dressmkr, res. 733 Oneida.
 Monaghan Jas. B., bkpr Pietsch & Kimberly, res. 623 Superior.
 Monahan Ellen (wid. Win.), res. 759 State.
 Monroe James, carriagemkr, res. 1030 Atlantic.
 Montgomery Anna Miss, res. 484 Washington.
 MONTGOMERY WM. F., druggist, 840 College av., res.
 650 Edwards.
 Montlouis Ferdinand, cook Sherman House, res. 652 Oneida.
 Monyet Susan, domestic 968 Prospect.
 Mooney James, res. 930 prospect.
 Moore James, papermkr, res. 985 8th.
 Moore Luella, domestic 865 Drew.
 Moore Maggie (wid. Rhode), res. 477 Cherry.
 Moore Nellie (wid. Sylvester), res. 860 Oneida.
 Moore Peter, papermkr, res. 477 Cherry.
 Moran Delia, res. 386 Jackman.
 Moran Mary, res. 1075 Spencer.
 Moran Matthew, lab., res. 399 Jackman.
 Moran Michael, engineer Atlas Paper Co., res. 1075 Spencer.
 Moran Patrick, lab., res. 386 Jackman.
 Moran Sarah Miss, res. 1075 Spencer.
 Morgan Benjamin W., student, res. 985 Prospect.
 Morgan Carrie S. Miss, res. 790 Harris.
 Morgan Estelle Miss, res. 985 Prospect.
 Morgan H. M., chairmkr, res. 444 Alton.
 Morgan John G., v.-pres. Appleton Machine Co., res. 790 Harris.
 MORGAN NATHAN E., City Clk., 611 Morrison, res. 985
 Morgan Nicholas, papermkr, res. 640 Richmond.
 Morgeneier Georgine D. Miss, res. 624 Oneida.
 Morgeneier John W., saloon, 624 Oneida, res. same.
 Moritz August, lab., res. 780 Vine.
 Moritz Charles Jr., lab., res. 404 North.
 Moritz Charles A., res. 404 North.
Morrissey Daniel, papermkr, res. 518 Cherry.

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