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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1891-92 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.

[Alphabetical list of names: Mc],   pp. 105-107 PDF (801.1 KB)

Page 106

      MCC                   106                McG
McCormack Patrick, gardener, res. 812 Fisk.
McCormick Eliza Miss, res. 497 State rd.
McCormick Lizzie, chambermaid Sherman House.
McCormick Timothy (McCotrmick & Lyons). res. 497 State rd.
McCormick & Lyons (Tim. McCormick and James E. Lyons),
  flour and feed, 623 Morri.-on.
McCourt Grace Miss, res. 781 Lawe.
McCourt Sadie Miss, res. 781 Lawe.
McCourt Peter, trav. agt., res. 781 Lawe.
McCoy Alexander, res. 1023 Lawrence.
McCoy Jennie Miss, res. 1023 Lawrence.
McCoy Malcolm, student, res. 1082 Lawrence.
McCoy Robert, mill hand, res. 1023 Lawrence.
McCurdy Robert B., mngr. Oshkosh, Appleton an(1 Fond du
  Lac Inspection Bureau, res. 504 College av.
McDonald Andrew, lab., res. 725 Clark.
McDomald John, molder, res. 797 Lake.
McDonald John S., teaming contractor, res. 752 Clark.
McDonald Lottie Miss, res. 1201 8th.
McDonald Maggie Miss, res. 752 Clark.
McDonald Martha, paperlaver, res. 1201 8th.
McDonald Sarah Miss, res. 1201 8th.
McDonald William, lab., res. 725 Clark.
McDonough Patrick, engineer Ravine Mills, res. 474 State.
McDonough William, student, res. 474 State.
McDowell Alexander, res. 496 South.
McDowell John, printer, res. 496 South.
McGann Anna Miss, dressmkr, 748 College av., res. same.
McGill Daniel, harnessmkr, 632 Appleton, res. 779 Hancock.
McGill Sarah Miss, res. 477 Pacific.
MeGillan Charles, elk., res. 674 Main.
MeGillan Eugene, custodian Appleton Athletic Amusement
  Association, res. 906 High.
MeGillan Frank M. (Comerford & McGillan), res. 687 Superior.
MeGillan James, surveyor, res. 906 High.
Me3illan James H., lawyer, 784 College av, res. 906 High.
MeGillan John, lab., res. 784 State.
McGillan Kate, stenographer Pietsch & Kimberly, res. 906 High.
McGillan Mary Mrs., grocer, 674 Main, res. same.
McGillan Nona, elk., res. 906 High.
MeGillen Elizabeth (wid. Robert), res. 690 Appleton.
McGillen Thomas, hostler C. F. Smith, res. 690 Appletbn.
MeGinley Daniel, engineer, res. 407 Cherry.
MeGinley Mamie Miss, res. 407 Cherry.
McGinnis Daniel, foreman Sulphite Paper Mill, res. 495 John.

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