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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1891-92 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.

[Alphabetical list of names: L],   pp. 99-105 PDF (1.6 MB)

Page 104

      ,LOW                  104                 LUT
Low Joseph, bakery, 968 College av., res. same.
LoAges Maria, domestic cor. Morrison and Fisk.
liohmann August, barber and ath roonis, 822 College av., res.
  98)9 6th.
Lob hmann Eddward M., barber A. Lolimann, res. '9839 6th.
Lohmant Joseph, barber A. Lobmann, res. 939 (Ath.
I {li William, lab., res. 1083 Lawrence.
Loomas Matthew, scavenger, res. G97 Appleton.
liorege Frank, lab., res. 1196 8th.
Ikorcge Mary, sorter TeInluI Mills, res. 1196 Sth.
Lorenz Annie Mliss, res. 1131 Packard.
lo-oenz Joseph, lab., res. 6;8 State.
Lrenz M ary ' v iss, res. 1181 IPackard.
ol1oellz Ma aV AMiss', dressm kr, I 1)70 Lawrence, res. same.
Lorenz Ra|idal, lab., res. 1131 Packai'd.
Ltosselvoilg Iler Iy, mail carrier, res. 728 l)urkee.
Losselvong John, lab., res. 1187 Fisk.
Lossel'ong Joh n J.r., (lk., res. I 1S7 Fisk.
asIlyong Margaret (wid. John ), res. 624 IHancock.
ILoth Christian, carpenter, res. 61S Oneida.
Louis t henry, clk. llirsch 1 touis, res. 738 College av.
I . is Hirsch, contectioner and fruits, 73S College av., res. sante.
Loveless Alexander, millwrightt, res. \Vashingtoii House.
Lithen Charles, miller Willy & Co., res. 888 Lake.
Iuben Minnie Miss, res. 8-8 Lake.
Imcas Nicholas, lab., res. 512 Washington.
ludwig Nicholas, lab., res. 1117 8th.
I dwig John P., :Impernikr, res. 882 Jackman.
lmdwig 1Katherine, res. 882 Jackmna.
I .ueders Hlerman, teacher Rhine Hligh School, rcs. 772 Fisk.
Imedtke Frederick, lab., res. 9,52 2d axv.
Lunmmin,, Hattie Miss, teacher, res. 631 G(ren Bay.
itimmis Henry lRev., prof. Greek Language and lIterature an1d
  instruictor of Metaphysics, ILawrence Univei'rsity, res. 63-1
  (hreeii Bay.
Lummes Katherine Miss, teacher, res. G34 Green Bay.
Ltnt Richard M., land examiner W. C. Il. f., res. 885 College av.
)intptoi Eliza (wid. Fiaank), res. 579 State rd.
Iu ptol 'John, olab., res. 57'9 State rd.
Lu pton Marie M iss, res. 579 State rd.
Luptotn I'ichard, res. 579 State rd.
tLusty ,John, cooper, 901 A tlantic, res. same.
LUTZ BROS. (Edward F. and Lorenz W. Lutz), ice dealers,
  Telulah Springs and 529 Franklin.
Lutz Edward F. (Lutz Bros.), res. 529 Franklin.

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