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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1891-92 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.

[Alphabetical list of names: L],   pp. 99-105 PDF (1.6 MB)

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      LAN                  100                 LEA
 Langem:k hIerm'n, elk., res. G;87 Edwards.
 LANGENIER(Gr J. HIERMAN, boots and shoes, SIS
 College av., res. 912 I igh.
 Lnilgenberg ,John Henry, elk. J. 1I. Langendbrg, rems. 912  0 igh,
 I,1 ngentlerg J. Wenzel, sextonl St. Joseph''s Cemetery, res. 871
 ln'meieg JolhmnIna It. MYis res. SMlt Owaissa.
 I,:tsing Mltvy A. (wid. kbirahlaun B.), rems. 99I Jeller.son.
 Imisiw, William, earieliter, res. 991 Jeflerson.
 Ilanto (Charles, mnachinist, res. 9GS8 Superior.
 lanto John, iiwalinist., res. 729 Winnebago.
 LAPi'I'EN   FRANIK    A. &   C(., Aieriea's  r (eatest Fur-
 Wihers, =1-27 (;rand av., Nl~waukee, MVs.
 LItI)(ens Annie MIiss, res. ASS Athmiti(.
 L  t9,lenis Flank, lab., res. Park HIotel.
 La ,pens Fred, cupolt tender, res. I~S Atlantic.
 lNall~en ,lohi, lbb, n"s 48S hthmti.
 ,Litlyeons .May ,iss, res. 188 Atlantic.
 L:tuue IHenry, muolber, res. 1201 Sth.
 Liarkin lli rnn  E.. brakvinan AI. K. S. & W. lyv., roe 792 ,ako
 LA  I)V E' FRANIM       F., agt. A niricaut Express (A., res.
   150( \Valnt.
Liarsen Martin AI., machinist, res. 40I College tv.
Iast (;ustatv, lab., res. rear n. s. Lee, 2 e. Newlerry.
Lalthrop (Wh:trles M., foreinam  Frank Wright, res. QV55 ltwe.
law i (ihtiles F., iarber, ric. Briggs Hlouse.
ftubenstein George, latb., res. S73 C'ollege tv.
lilbenstein .Jacoh (Milllmuupt & (,a.), res. 873 College av,
Lwauwrsdorf I,'dintad, mtone cutter, 12e. 1255 Spencer.
I IitS(, (hf1  ( ui~tav, )1:t.,  1069s. I1L(;  I rain.
Iaughlin John I)., h?. o,'. NI. L. S. & W. Hy., res. 792 lake.
I, A'SER    101N, sahlon, 753 A   dl'ehto, re&s. sm'e.
Ixausiumn (hO,., lal., ress.  . s  arris, bet. lichiil antId Locusit.
imtsusnauln (Georg'', ,icihine tedler, rem. 555 (herry.
litustwin Jhoseph, l.,ros. 555 Cherry.
Iaunmsat .Iosutih ,1 r., ypqml'unklr, re. 555 Cherry.
IAIUX Mary, waitress lriggs I l[ouse
|i:tvit Timothuy, n's. 658 MaNde.
IL-al'r John .J., saloon anid boairding l.use, 6  Il,!ke, res. saine.
LA\VIZENCE      UNIVMEIRITY, Iiev. c. W. (allagher, I).
  D., pres. ; dnaes C. Faye, A. Al., Ph. I)., v.-pres., s. s. (Colllge
  av., bet. I)rew and IUnion.
Ltawrence University Banid, David 11. Walker, letader, Lawrence
  I nivenrity.
Learned Warry, teamster, res. 708 N. Division.

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