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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1891-92 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.

[Alphabetical list of names: K],   pp. 88-98 PDF (2.3 MB)

Page 98

       K I T E               98                KYE
 Kuenzel Andrew, molder, res. 1221 8th.
 K nenzel Wenzel, lab., res. 1016 Lake.
 Kuescl Albert, lab., res. 560 State.
 Koelther Albert, printer Appleton Post, res. 813 Superior.
 Kucthcr Aimie Miss, res. 811 Superior.
 Kuether Charl's, lab., Irs. 818 Supe)(rior.
 Kucther Emilie (wid. Albert), res. 921 Superior.
 Kuether Herman, res. 813 Superior.
 Kuether Theo lore, printer A1pleton Post, res. S13 Superior.
 K uOther \Villiam, lab., res. 818: Superior.
 Kugler Frank, lab., res. s. s. Candee, 2 w. Walter av.
 Ku ogler (George, res. 939 LIamve.
 Kogler John, sawyer, res. 807 U nion.
 K ugler Joseph, hairumk r, res. 939 Lawe.
 Kuhn Andrew, lres. 472 State.
 Kuhtn Charles, pipenman Fire I)ept., res. 472 State.
 K1ob it lenry, machinist, res. 980 Prospect.
 lKuischenlore Charles, elk. T. F. Stark, res. 10683 Parkhurst.
 Kulp PJessie Miss, res. 786 I)urkee.
 Kulp Letta Miss, res. 786 D)urkee.
 Kulp Sarah M. (wid. Ezra), res. 780 Durkee.
 1Kult Alfred, lab., res. 699 (ollege av.
 Kummer Miary, domestic 924 7th.
 Knmdlert Josepli, painter, res. 707 Appleton.
 K UNITZ JOHN       C., livery, S1 I Edwards, res. SIG El wards.
 KIUNZE WVIl., flour and feed, baled hay, 575 College av.,
 res. 781 College (av.
 IKUJRTZ   AL   IFREI), veterinary surgeon, 625 Morrison, res.
 n. e. cor. Morrison and North. (Telephone 92.)
 IKurz Flora Miss, res. 717 Fisk.
 KURIlZ FRANKI G., supt. Appleton Electric Co., res. 7(;5
 N. Division.
 Kurz George, res. 717 Fisk.
 luossmann Ferdinand, carpenter, res. 882 Lawe.
 Kuste Carl, lab., res. 697 Bennett.
 Kutler Allie Miss, res. 6,53 1Drew.
 Kutler Frederick W., bakery and confectioner, 742 College av.,
 r's. 658 Drew.
Kutz rina, domestic 896( (ith.
Kyes Daniel, peddler, res. 675 Union.
Kyes George, lab., res. 675 Union.

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