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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1891-92 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.

[Alphabetical list of names: K],   pp. 88-98 PDF (2.3 MB)

Page 93

      KNI                    93                 K014      .
Knickerbocker Grace Miss, res. 787 Jackson.
Knickerbocker Ida Miss, res. 10(,2 Jeflerson.
Knickerbocker I va Miss, res. 787 Jackson.
knickerbocker 3.lin, res. 787 .Jackson.
lKnickeriocker Luncius, pIaperini,k, res. 7T7 Jackson.
Knickerbocker Lucius S., engineer, res. 10I 2 .Jeflerson.
Khnickerbjocker \Willis, pal)erikhkr, res. 7TS7 Jackson.
Knickerbocker Willis, p:perink,-, res. 1032 ,1eferson.
K nitt William, res. 1157 Superior.
Knitter 11nIhda, laundress Sherman H1ouse.
Kinck ('harIes, Lib., res. 518 N orth.
Knock Jolh, lineman W. 11. Tel. Co., res. 7,53 Bateman.
Knock Minnie, domestic GG60 Edwards.
1Knock Pauline. domestic 655 D)urkee.
Knock William, lab., res. 985 College av.
Knoedler Jacob, butcher, res. 992 Collcge av.
Knorr Hterman, lab., res. I1 I1 Superior.
Knoir Rrosa Miss, res. 812 ,lacksomn.
Kinorr William, Iaperimnkr, res. 812 Jackson.
IKniox ('arrie E. Miss, res. 523 College av.
1Kinx (C'larence B., engiwneer App. Electric Co., res. 717 Fisk.
Knox II arry, electrician, res. 7 17 Fisk.
1K nox Lorenzo S., ningr. ship)ping room Unio, Toy Co., res. 52:)8
  (ollege av.
K n<ox Mary L. Miss, res. 523 C(ollege av.
1Knueppel A ugust, mason contractor, 758, Center, res. same.
Knuyt Martin, carsinith M1. & N. Ity., res. G1 I Maple.
Knuyt Minnie Miss, res. ;11 Maple.
Knuyt Selbastian, res. G;14 M ap le.
KOBER      ,1ACOB9 clothing, dry goods, carpets and men's
  furnishings, n. w. cor. C'ollcge av. and A ppleton, res. 9SlO'Sth.
Kober John if., clk. J. IKober, res. 98)0 8th.
Kober Katherine Miss, re s. 980 Sth.
Kober Mary Miss, res. 980 Sth.
Kob)er Theodlore, res. 980 8th.
Koch Mathias, noldler Ap pletoni M nfg. C(o., res. t0s3 Sth.
IKoch William, molder Appleton Mlnt. C<o., res. -IS8 State rd.
Koiehler Anna (wid. Fred), res. 911 Superior.
Koehler Hugo, cigarmkr, res. 629 D)urkee.
Koehler Richard. printer, res. w. s. l'acifie, nr. North.
Koehin Christian, fireman, res. 1202 Lawrence.
Koehn Edward, elk., res. 826 Foster.
Koehn Fred. lab., res. 826 Foster.
Koehn Henry, res. 853 College av.
Koehn Henry Jr., lab., res. 853 College av.

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