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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1891-92 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.

[Alphabetical list of names: K],   pp. 88-98 PDF (2.3 MB)

Page 91

      KEY                    91                  KIS
,Keyler Lizzie, domestic 992 Oneida.
Kibbie James, res. 446; North.
Kibbie Rufus, lab., res. n. e. eor. Locust an( Elsie.
Kidrowsky Joseph, cigarnkr, res. 1M05 W.ollege av.
Kiefer Frederick, carpentor, res. I 115 lFisk.
Kilgas Annie, domestic 516 Alton.
Manill Ida Miss, donujesti 75; Ilurkee.
Killen Williamn 11. (Baldlwin & Killeh  , res. 753 D)rew.
Ki&Olall Benjanin V., lab., res. 418 \Vshiington
KI3 Hit AL BR OS. (.Jatmes I.B and Charles F. K1,im ll Jr.),
  neat market, 722 CXollege av.
Kimball (,h ries F., te'unster, r'es. 413 \Vashinglor.
Kimball Charles F. Jr. (Klim ball Bros.), res. l'riggs hIouse.
Kimball George S., teainier, res. 150 WX:shin,,on.
Kimjball Ira, lalb., res. Ii:ý \Vaishington.
Kidulall James I. (Kimball Bros.), rno. M;a; lawt.
Kimball Mary J., dressnikr, 127 \VX:shingttn, res. 11) \aihing-
Kimball Nelson N., janitor :1 Watrd School, res. 1125 Suh.
Kimball Sabin C., grocer. G;G;G Mýeade, res. 11:' \V:,shington.
Kimberly J. A., pres. Atlas Paper n',., rs.Nenh, X\'is.
Kimblerly Jlohn A. .JrI. (Itietslh & Kimnberly), re-s. l)e Pere.
Kimberly &   lIark ' Co., J. A. Kimlerly, pre.: F. C  SOlMAt k,
  treas.; (Q I'. .'ark, set.; Iiver, ft. J.akson.
Kimnuel Annie, doinestic 74)1 AI plettn.
Kindell ILeopold, teamster, res. 41S2 ( herry.
Kimnl \lbert, lab., res. 1115 li wkard.
Kindl Anton, cigarinlr, res. 1115 l'ack:ar'L
Kindll Katie Miss, res. 1115 la(,knrd.
King D)aniel W., pthysician, res. 5045 (College av.
King Eu,1stice W., grocer, -161)} Ehhkwnuh. rno. sane.
King I lenry P., fouremran l'atten l'afttr Co4., nts. ;..() l':nilic.
King Mary V. Miss, ns. 58440 'atwfii.
King Mary J. Miss, res. 14il IGO hlhtratld.
IKingsbury Fred, barber and biaIt romnse. .5> A ,phleton, res. :ml.
Kinzel. Ste KuenzLl.
Kirchner (George, lab., res. S18 Oi)eidna
Kirek Ferdinand, lab., res. I 16S Sluiperior.
Kirk August, lab., res. 1125 4)nitl.
Kirk Fredteritck, engineer, res. 5,G3 Telulah.
Kirseh Minnie, waiter Shermnti lhtne.
Kirst Frank, harness-nkr 11. StaIde, res. Washingltn I Itu-e.
Kispert Charles, miller (i. W. Sltauldling, & Co., lnors. 104)10 1i4t.
Kispert Frederick, lab., ren. .351 4'lhrry.
Kispert George, paperiukr, rc. 45.t IStttry.

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