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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1891-92 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.

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Page 85

      HUR                  85                 JAN
tHurd Henry, mason, res. 879 Superior.
Hurlbutt William D., papermkr, res. 818 Madison.
Husted Harry B., auditor Appleton Mnfg. Co., res. 537 Durkee.
Hutchinson Anna E. Miss, res. 769 Lawrence.
Hutchinson Jennie H. (wid. John), res. 674 Meade.
HIutchinson Mary K. (wid. James W.), res. 769 Lawrence.
Hlutchinson Orin, cabinetnkr, res. 504 Washington.
Huth Anna (wid. Carl), res. 1221 Lawrence.
Huth Ottilia Miss, res. 1221 Lawrence.
Huth William, lab., res. 1221 Lawrence.
Huven William, lab., res. Charles Reitzner.
Hyde D)e Forest M., res. 543 John.
Hyde Welcome, real estate, res. 864 College av.
 HNOW     Ernst, cigar mnfr., 979 Atlantic, res. same.
     imm Augusta, domestic 651 Durkee.
Immanuel Evangelical Church, n. w. cor. Durkee and Fisk.
Ingold Arthur J. (hIngold B3ros.), res. s. e. cor. Meae and Minor.
Ingold Bros. (Arthur J. and Harry J. Ingold), notions, s. e. cor.
  College av. and Morrison.
Ingold Harry J1. (Ingold Bros.), res. s. e. cor. Meade and Minor.
ACKSON Thomas, baggageman M. & N. R'v, res. 533 Atlantic.
    Jacob Leo, clothing, hats and caps, 792 College av., res. 648
Jacobs Louise, domnestic 673 Oneida.
Jacobs Peter J., carpenter, res. 813 Jefferson.
Jacobsen Diederich, wood dealer, 684 Harris, res. same; yard
  M., L. S. & W. R. 11. track, e of Lake.
JACOBY JACOB, mnfr. G(olden Crown Cigars, 719 Apple-
  ton, res. same.
Jacquot Edwin J. (J. N. Heath & Co.), res. 787 Oneida.
Jaeger Mary, domestic 537 Durkee.
Jaekels Michael, barkeeper P. Kettenhofen, res. 717 Appleton.
Jahnke August, lab., res. 627 Spring.
James Eliza Miss, clk. J. Kober, res. 771 Edwards.
James Mamie Miss, cashier C. A. Pardee, res. 771 Edwards.
James Nettie Miss, res. 771 Edwards.
James Sarah (wid. John), res. 771 Edwards.
Janken William, lab., res. 494 Commercial.

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