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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1891-92 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.

[Alphabetical list of names: H],   pp. 75-85 PDF (2.3 MB)

Page 84

      HOR                  84                HUN
Horan Mamie Miss, supt., res. 751 Morrison.
Horkman David, lab., res. 973 Atlantic.
Horkmann Henry, lab., res. 855 Fair.
Horky Joseph, weaver, res. rear 634 Richnliond.
Horn August, lab., res. 1027 Hlarriman.
Horn Henry, elevator man Atlas Mills, res. 1059 Parkhurst.
Horn Maria (wid. John), res. 575 State.
Horn Otto, lab., res. 760 Mary.
Horner George, cooper, res. 511 Cherry.
HORNER JOSEPH W., nifr. cisterns, tanks, beer kegs,
  Water, w. of' Lake ; meat market, 572 Walnut; res. 511 Cherry.
Horner Joseph Jr., butcher, res. 511 Cherry.
Homer Mary Miss, tailoress Jos. Poetzl, res. 511 Cherry.
HORR CHARLES A., sewing machines and harness, 730
  College av., res. 1121 8th.
Horton Viola, domestic 4,6 John.
Houlan Peter, glass-blower, res. Briggs House.
Hove John, mason, res. 665 Maple.
Howard Amelia Miss, res. 531 Walnut.
Howard Frank, elk., res. 531 Walnut.
Howard Henry, merchant, res. 977 8th.
Howard Jacob J., res. 531 Walnut.
Howe George, paperinkr, res. 1018 2(1.
Howe Mary (wid. John), res. 543 Walnut.
Hubbard Emma (wid. Howard A.), res. 481 Franklin.
Huchthausen Henry, lab., res. 902 Commercial.
Huck Jessie Miss, weaver, res. 540 State.
Huckins George W., foreman, res. 862 Rankin.
Huckins Minott S., ship. elk. Pietseh & Kimberly,res. 862 Rankin
Hiuckins Walter E., machine tender, res. 862 Rankin.
Huckins Zoe S. Miss, res. 862 Rankin.
Huebner John, brewer, res. 846 Clark.
Huebner John, stockman Trlulalh Mills, res. 382 North.
Huebner Julius, res. 382 North.
Huebner Maria (wid. David), res. 1066 Fisk.
Huele Henry M., supt. Appleton (Chair Co., res. 532 Alton.
Hueth Robert, tailor, res. 844 Superior.
Huetter Albert F., clk. Bailey & Rose, res. 688 Durkee.
Huettner Louis L., maason, res. 108J4 Packard.
Huettner Sophia Miss, res. 1084 Packard.
HUIMMEL JOHN, mason contractor, 820 Lawe, res. same.
Humphrey Edward P., sec. and treas. Post Pub. Co., res. 791
Humphrey Joseph W., lab., res. 940 Oneida.
Hungerford Betsy (wid. Justin WV.), res. 425 State.

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