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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1891-92 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.

[Alphabetical list of names: H],   pp. 75-85 PDF (2.3 MB)

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      HER                   ,1                 HIL
Hermann Charles, sec. lab., res. 441 Lee.
Hermann Fredericka, elk. J. M. Baer, res. 725 Drew.
Hermann John, sec. lab., res. 3 n. 543 Telulah.
Hermann Mary Miss, clk A. . eerenboom, res. 857 Edwards.
Hermann Mary Miss, dressnikr, res. 725 Drew.
Hermann Michael, bridge tender, res. e. s. Telulah, s. Newberry.
IHermann Philip, lab., res. e. s. Telulah, s. Newberry.
IHerrick George, drayman, res 981 iMorrison.
Hertel Adam, chairmkr, res. 473 Atlantic.
Hertz Nicholas, lab., res. Appleton House.
Hess Selina Miss, res. 701 College av.
Hessel John, firemnan M. & N. Ity., res. 653 Lake.
Ilessel Julius, fireman M. & S. Ry., res. 6(53 Lake.
Hesser Anna, domestic 520 Ehl.
Hettinger John A., bkpr. First Nat. Bank, res. 856 Edwards.
Hettinger Robert, res. 856 Edwards.
Hetzer Katie, domestic Park Hotel.
Hetzer Mary Miss, res. 1215 Elsie.
Hetzer Wenzel, ma.son, res. 1215 Elsie.
Heule Henry M., chairmkr, res. 532 Allen.
Heywood Mary (wid. James), res. 599 S. River.
Hick Carl, lab., res. 975 Lawrence.
Hickey Anna L. Miss, res. 985 6th.
Hickey Daniel, machinist Appleton Mnfg. Co., res. 985 6th.
Hickey James, res. 985 6th.
Hickey Lizzie Miss, res. 985 6th.
Hickey Mary Miss, res. 985 6th.
Hliebel Edward F., machinist, res. 701 College av.
Iliebel Max, chairmkr, res. 701 College av.
Htiebel Mollie Mrs., dressnikr, res. 701 College av.
Iligh School, i. w. cor. Morrison and Harris.
Htilberg August, pipe coverer, res. 769 Appleton.
Hilberg Charles, driver, res. 769 Appleton.
Hilberg Henry A., tailor E. N. Johnson, res. 769 Appleton.
Hilfert Chas. H., City Treas., 611 Morrison, res. 808 N. Division.
Hilfert Clara Miss, res. 808 N. Division.
Htilfert Henry, drug elk., res. 808 N. I)ivision.
Hilfert Henry (., elk. Hawes & Little, res. 808 N. Division.
Hill Dora Miss, res. 1021 8th.
Hill Maggie Miss, res. 1021 8th.
Hill Minnie Miss, teacher, res. 1021 8th.
Hill Thomas, res. 1021 8th.
Hill Thomas G., carpenter, res. 1021 8th.
Hill William H., res. Wisconsin House.
Hilpert Angelus Rev., res. 924 Lawrence.

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