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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1891-92 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.

[Alphabetical list of names: H],   pp. 75-85 PDF (2.3 MB)

Page 79

      HANY                   79 9IEI
lhy IIector, lab., res. 1211 Lawrence.
1layden Louis F., physician, 982 Oneida, res. same.
Hlayes Daniel C., engineer Appleton \Vater Works, res. 726 Ed-
Hayes Frank, lab., res. 9W(X Foster.
]|ayes (George J., lab , r's. 912 Foster.
I Ia ves .Johamna (%wid. Michael), res. 1017 Atlantic,
llkyes John 11., engineer, res. 94-4 5th.
I I.Jiyes  WVilliall, res. (A 1 I5thl.
Hlayward A. L., mille'r, rs. Briggs House.
Ihealey William J.Jr., marble piolishcr, res. Northwesterni Itlsio.
I leath Addie Miss, res. 622 Union.
Heath J. N. & Co. (Mrs. .ames N. Ileath and Edwiin J. Jaecquot),
  p~ropr'ietary remiedies, S 13 I'aeiflct.
tHeath James N. Mrs. (.J. N. Heath & (Co), res. 787 Oneida.
hiaih .Iaimes N., res. 7.:7 Oneida.
tleath Louise Miss, ekl. Appl'etonm lBLzaar, res. 622 llidon.
Heath Marietta (wid. Williaiii), rc's. 11. e. cor. Iocust and Elsie.
Ihi'ath N1attie A. (w'id. hjarley), rcs. 622 IUnimi.
I lechel Carrie (wVid. (Gorge), r's. 735 ()utagamie.
lechel IMichael N., lab., ics. 535 )utagamiie.
I echit Aliewrt, elk. J. Kober, res. 1010 Atlantic.
I Iechlt Bertha Niss, t¾ris. 1010) Atlantic.
I lecht Hattie Miss, res. 1010 Atlantic.
t elect H enry, cabi netinki 06;3 Applbctm, res. 1010 A thit ic.
I leeht Joseph I.., elk. M nfg. Invest. Co,., res. 730 Kimoball.
Ifleck Charles W., cabinetinkr M. Bedissem, r's. 175 1Ltaw'rence.
Hleckert lHerman, boots and shoes, 773 College av., r's. 765
I ledge Merritt, barkpr Sherman I Hmse.
IlhIcim Bridget Miss, res. 558 Liocust.
11eeian Mary Miss, res. 55:8 Lo'ust.
lieian riniotIiy, res. 553 locuwst.
lleler Elizabeth Mrs., res. 1116 harris.
llefs. See lhoefs.
Ilegner Lizzie, doimimestic 108 2il.
Hehine Charles F., machinist, res. 987 4th.
iElEI) IBROS. &    ('O. ( Mat  and Leonard fiel d), hivcf V
  sale and boarding siable, 5S3 Superior.
I eid Lieonard (hieid Bros. & (Co.), rm.s. 5,S3 Superior.
Heid Matt. ((leid Bros & (Ow.). res. S(;2 Ed wards.
H(id'nmami August E., res. 725 Fisk.
tleidenmamn (harles, hii., res. 978 21 av.
Hleidemann Emil, cigarmkr, res. 978 2d av.
tieidemainn Ernst, agt. agric. impluts., res. 725 FiAk.

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