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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1891-92 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.

[Alphabetical list of names: H],   pp. 75-85 PDF (2.3 MB)

Page 77

      HAN                    77                  1IAR
lHanchett James D). (Ilanichett Bros.), res. 982 Appleton.
IIanlchett Malcolh 0., gastitter, res. 578 North.
Hlandler J(Iseph, la!h., ries. 509 Walniut.
SIlanenberg ,Johann (wid. I Henry), res. 910 Lawrence.
I lanlett Peter, glass-blower, res. ()(1 I) urkee.
I lanlon Peter, electrician StandlaridI L a  p Co., res. Briggs IHouse.
I linnes Anton, lab., 106;3 Lawrecnre.
Ilanrahan I)aniel, tray. agt.. res. 317 North.
lilanselnan Freid., pressman Volksf'rcuid, res. 806 Apphleton.
Iltasen Jlns, lab., res. '436 Calunet.
i lansen John (., papernilu, res. 998)S A ppllleton.
ilainsen Peter L., fiariner, res. 49 (,) Caluiet.
lHanson C'liristian, bridge carpenter CG, M. A' St. I'. I. U.. res.
  7,81 Superior.
Hlanson lienry, engineer TeIulahi Paper Co., res. .553N Main.
I Hanson Marie Mliss, cook Shernman limise.
I larbauer Anton, lalb., res. rear' 1221 Sth.
lfurbeek Carrie Mrs., dressinkr, 659 I)row, res. samne.
I larbeck Julia Miss, elk. II. V. Me yeer, res. 675 Morrison.
1 larbeC k Julia (wid. I lenry), res. 075 Morrison.
ilardiis Albert, blksuiilh, res. 81; 2d a'v.
Ilatrdii's Ferdinand, lab., res. 816 2d av.
IHarlow Ann (wid Samuel), res. 114 Alton.
Hlarlow Preston C., grocer, 651 Lake, res. saine.
Ilarm Annie, (onmestic 439 College av.
I :mnaim Charles, mason contractor, res. 1 1I) Alvin.
ilarmtann (Gustav, mason, res. 1100 Alvin.
Ilar'mann Ier'ian, carlpenter, rv's. I lM1 Avliin.
HA IP    FIEII)EI NCIKI, lpr'ti. \Visconsin llouse and Alooiin,
  G26 NMorri'ion, res. sanae.
Hiarp Hlermam, watev mihm l'Patten Mills, res. 971 Iny'e.
IlarIp lina, Miss, res. Wiseonsin llons,.
llar'per Bert, meat liiarkt't, 517 State,, r'es.ine.
Hiar'peor MNa rv Miss, res. 517 State.
I I;tirrinlan Celia (whi. ,ioseiili E.), res. 231 Oplieche.
HI AiRRIMAN      FRANK      W., ltonstiiaster, attorney at law
  nimi real estate, r'ooml 1i0, I)(hl Fellows! tk., res. 707 O)neidia.
Hlarrington Etunice (wvid. Ad(anm), ries. 719 Lawrence.
Iuarris Caroline E. (wid. Win. II.), res. 7SI; Atlantic.
Ilarris CarrieN Miss, res. 7S(6 Atl'utioi
Ilarris Nlaud Miss, teaeler, res. 786 Atlantic.
H larrison Coluniaia N. Miss, res. 521 Soutih.
Hart Alfred, imason, 98 Aippleton, res. sai ie.
Hartmann Henry, lab., res. S55 Fair.
Hartung Fred, elk., res. ni. e. cor. North and Ida.

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