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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1891-92 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.

[Alphabetical list of names: G],   pp. 69-75 PDF (1.4 MB)

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             ( ;1 E7,t                             (1It I
(1lreeAl .i Ja Miss, rvs. 8 17 Sulperior.
hreein May, res. I11 12d.
1 l'vetli Ow)\'ln, hlacksinmithi, res. 909)! Durkee.
  ri'eir l'iil, well diglger, 6i27 Walnut. res. sanie.
  v renli li, dert, scaler ( Gerrv y lAiin ier Co., res. S 17 S1 perior.
  Iri ii lohert, lab., res. Ii I ; 2d.
( r'eiil Soplija Miss, rcs. S,17 Superior.
  c(ýi i Sophlia (wid. (li3arles), res. 847 Superior.
  (irieli William iG., leb., r'es. 892 (ommi rciil.
(ireci IBaiV  Nt Mississippi (a,1ial Co., Win. Vain Nurtwick, pres.,
   A, L. Smith, se. arid treas.; 1). 0. tilock.
l iciithniehl lI:ireve,, ies. reth U('Giiihinild.
rii'iilof'nler (Gioige, llab., res. 1(019 College av.
(;viti ke August, mason, res. S9¶)  Morrison.
I ireiiike Augta~ta Miss, finisher, res. 91(1 Morrison.
reiiike Chiarles, liraami, res. 891 M orrison.
G reinke Emilie Miss, res. YA1 Morrlison.
( reiiike Iferman, coachimiian E. C. (Goff, res. 9 10 Morrison.
( i'<,iseti (Catherine (wid. Fred), res. 103.5 Packard.
rhiseli .1 ohn, nimoluer, re'. 1035 I'Pakard.
(G'csel'ns Bertha, bkuir I'ietsch & Kimbierly, res. 922 Superiiir,
('iil    I('riinan, lab., res. 922 Suterior.
(';'seiis MNartlia Miss, res. 922 Superior.
(reseriz ( iultav, foreriain blaeksnmith  Apldeton M    Cfg. o(o., res.
  71S 2d av.
(irculich ,Joseli, druggist, res. SIf D )rew.
(iretilich Millarid It., student, res. s410 Drew.
iridley Illittie Miss, res. G:645 Lawe.
( ridley Lillian II., res. 626 (Green Bay.
(uriesliahier Andrew, lab., ru's. 419 Telulah.
Griesliiber (George, tailor tL Sichw:irtz, rcs. t1*  Tehlahi.
i'ieshabt'r Theresa, res. 189 "lT'lulahi.
(iritn P latrick, grinder, res. 538. lHanecok.
(GI"IFFEIN    T11O03AS      J., bakery   and  restauranit, S 12
  Col('1lege av., res. SaMCe.
n llifith Maud Miss, res. 683 Eidvwarids.
G rigles Alice Miss, rms. s. w. coli. (College av. and Oulfagaiie.
;1rigles (Cornelius,   rel)., s'e..-A. ;v. eot. c'ollege av. and Outagainie.
(irigles Jernnie, res. s. wv. cor. (Colege axv. a:nd  )iutagamnie.
rlrigrioni Alexander, lab., res. 579 (Chrerr'y.
(;rinies lDelia E., pnrin. 2d wad school, r-es. 781 Fisk.
Griswohl AlbertaI Miss, res. 5359 (Ciollege av.
(',riswold Marcus P., watchnirkr and jeweler, 770 College av., res.
  559 College av.
(river John, machinist, res, t96 Fremontt

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