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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1891-92 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.

[Alphabetical list of names: G],   pp. 69-75 PDF (1.4 MB)

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      (O)S                    7.,                 (GLRE
(tisha (Chries, carpenter, res. 11)7 -Ith.
(Goshat Frank, pnpentrikr, res. 1157 Ith.
(;oslh(!y Th'eoore, ca)'l)eiter, r(s. Northwestern lfo)tl.
(,)sm   te  rge. skinner Atlas Pull (Co., res. 112 Mason.
StaIber ('asper, teachter, res. ;,I Frelt)nit.
(G'ralwi F. Jo)hn, re(s. (;)IFremont.
(Graber John, tnachintist, res. (;()I Frelnnont.
(raldehier (Gustav, butclier, res. 57)1 Stah.
(rady Delia Miss, hresniknr, rns. 3G;S State.
(,rady Ettie Miss, res. 3US State.
(ira(hl Katie Miss, dre,ýsmkr, res, 36S star(h
Graltly i ich(ael If., res. ;W(;S State.
(raf .ose(l,, saloon, 89)7 (Cullhge av., res. same.
(1rtdll:a (Cha)d]l's I)., plhotolgr. J. E. 11. Stimson, re. (687 Oneida.
(;r':dham Il'izalbt h (wid. Ale xauner), res. -192 Alton.
(h-ntbatm Ida C'. Miss. rtes. 192 Alton.
r atigtr l,'verett, res. 1C' Nirth.
( ht:tger tlitrblrt Wilt., aclctninitian, res. 491 Mitnor.
Gh'rager William. dairymat, res. 191 Minor.
(trant Louisa W. (wid. Gerry), res. ,97 Walnut.
;ral)elgeisur Helenry, painter, res. 703 N. l)ivisioii.
(ra ))ngeiser Mattie Miss, d rcsitk)r, res. 703 N. I)ivision.
(rapenthiuen L(ouis, cigarntkr, res. 672 Pltchnoiol.
( raisl Jaicob, lab., res. J()e; hllcrson.
GhASSBIIhG EhR, J. PAU L, staloon, 1(01 College av., res.
( rassberger Josep h, tailor, res. 100) ( ollege av.
(ra,ýsberger Mary Miss, res. (X)4 (College av.
(hrassberger Tlhleresa  I iss, res. I10)) College av.
(rassler lBened(it IaI)., i 06s. I L( ;Iawrect e.
(t'atto Fredericka Mrs., patinter, res. 703 Maalh Grov(e.
r:nves Eplhraim II. (Graves & Milhlrd), rcs. \Viscomosin House.
(itves & NI. ilhu'd (Eplhratm If. Graves and Orlando A. Millatrd),
  vet. surgeonls, n. w. cor. Morrison 'itid Edwards.
(rearson (,eorge A., carpenter, res. 172 Paciftic.
('reb lylia, dotneAtic ( P7)( Park av.
Greeley Ansel, molder, res. 87.5 Union.
Greeley Fre(dlerick A., lab., res. 87,") Ulioit.
(U'reen Anton, hlksmith, res. 90)9 thlorkee.
Green Ch(arles A., salesman A. l'ecreuboom, rS >S0 Appldeton.
(treen lEdiwardl, lab., res. 627 Walnut.
Green James, teamnster, res. n. w. cor. 2d av. atlnd Freedom  rd.
G'een James A., teanmster, res. 781 Superior.
G reen John, iaperlayer, res. 1 w. s. Freedom rd., ti. of 2d av.
Green John 11., lumberman, res. 847 Superior.

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