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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1891-92 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.

[Alphabetical list of names: G],   pp. 69-75 PDF (1.4 MB)

Page 72

      C,\                    72                  GOS
(hatev 1 Hubert, lah., res. 585 State rd.
iclhlialuer Michaul K., IL IL coiltractu', res. 500; Altonl.
(40lfrnn Juliu   B.,rc, ,nuvo W  (NdlhW an., res. same.
I(,,,llrey Fir:ik, pailiurkr, ris. 585 State.
(  lfi'rey Jaiies \W., millwright, res. 535 State.
(; mtfivey  Ahr' R. Miss, r'es. 535 St:tuv.
(,ofedeti ,\milv Miss, rc.752 B+itchmlowll.
Itwittiti  Ella'  Alisn, rvs. 752  IRiclilond.
6(wudhi .JhiII. Iaht., res. 752 lichtiotinl.
{tlzier .hsunimi M., elk. Appletot Ii:zalr, res. 161 Ch'erry.
((OELZEItFI   ,!()IlN, il nillty unronur andl city pj r iecolin is-
  ,iolner, rcs. 161 ('herry, cow. State rd.
4 *orkc Christitih Ovwid. Ctharles I[,), res. 818 Eldotaslo.
(j)'FF   EI1I IIAI ! (3., lrus. min. Nat. Bank, land ageti,
  ,S(); Cl {+lies++ an resý. ,'S9"' Pro+spect.
(Ioll1 Ilia Miss, rus Prosp eLslo+,ct.
(xoghin Nellie Mis, rcs. 1()it;- Fronit.
Guldbeck Brtlii, lonics'.ti 76t IDurkl+i'.
(   uihloi B. MAin, clk. SIG; ( ollge an'., reu. (;S) \puldetoi.
Wdhlni hElhn (whl. OWNrre),'es. GM~t AlqlltUl.
(;ulheni h';ttii (wil. Patric'k), res. 78)5 Fisk.
(holdiin Iarrt ]l F., studeii , res. 7'.t  1'i,n1k.
(hdiici Nhalgnn-I'l~ (wih!..mmlle) noe. 781 lMWsk
iidti S>arahli AIin r's. o ;( A \lpiletoui.
Gslui 'lihniTas, stludeit, rus. 7S I FisLk
6old'itisldt I'rl'd. C., sik. (Ge'rry |,iluielr (Co., i-vs. 1 46 50th
(GOL    (IGIEFSKIY  CIlAiU   IES  E., diruggist, 91t Co'llege
  av., r'. (65 Iumsteil.
(ihhngefsky (iotftriel, lab., res. 625 ]eiii'tt.
(wlodhlalld Adpey It. iss, 8c. :):,w 0witlqd.
(husdlanid Edith ('. Miss, res. S33 tliidia.
(IOOlIlANl) ,IOIIN, ('irciuit, .Judge Court lHouse, rus.
6m(hl :hind  .1(111li U., ptriliter', noe . SE3l AM ]:11tic.
lhlootrich Ed],wardl W.,      \pp'~lla leAithm+i Mtchiine Co'+., res. 9!55
  S. lDivisholn.
6(lolseti llenry, tfrvscol piminer, IS.719! Nhditnli.
soosenu ,Johii, res. 719 I adisoii.
4;dtbn (',lrlis C', in'cilinist, res. Briggs Iloiuse.
(irgis Willielnmine (wid. (iottfrissd), res. 891 iXphslvwn.
(hirlnali lIary NMiss, ri's. (66t Mrirrismn.
(in'liati Nora Miss, dreusinkr, (G; I Morrison.
Giorman TIioiuias, catrl'iciter, res. 0; I1 Morrison.
(losha Alice Miss, elk., res. 1157 Itht.
(losha Andrew, liaperinkr, res. 1157 4th.

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