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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1891-92 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.

[Alphabetical list of names: G],   pp. 69-75 PDF (1.4 MB)

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       (,E11                  71                  (UJX
Gerlach \Valfried, lab., res. 686; State.
German Fred, lab., res. 51.4 Outagamiie.
('ermmn Martha Miss, res. 514 Outagamie.
('ermania Band, Anton Fischer leader, 772 Fisk.
(iert'y Edgar S., calendar tender, res. G77 S. River.
Gerry Etlie Miss, res. 39- 1 (Cherry.
(Jrry'v George W. Mrs., res. 8:1,9 Cherry.
Gerrv (Greenleaf W., paperinkr, res. 137 Walnut.
(orrv Iladlev B.. pal ermikr, res. 9G13 P~rosp)ect.
(G ERRY     LUI3I EIR    CO., II. Sherry, pres.; G. M. Miller,
  sec. and treas. ; 723 Superior, R. It. track.
  (;err'v William 1., pIaperimkr, res. 4137 Walnut.
(erske .Josepih, lab., res. e. s. Outa'gaimie, 1 s. R. R. track.
(ibls (Charles, teamster, res. Park HIotel.
(;ibsoln Elizabeth (). (wid. Thomas I).), res. s51 morrisn.
Glibson Wilfred D)., teacher H igh School, res. 801 N(iorrisn.
(hiebisch Anton, butcher 1.I llarper, res. 757 Itichmodnd.
(;iese Eugene, lab)., res. 377 North.
(,iese Robert C., horseshoer, res. Wisconsin lIose.
(ieskh Leo, lab., res. 16) Mason.
(iillespie .John, stable man, res. 758 Edwl:irds.
t'illett Charles H1., survev'r, res. 850 Cil lege av.
G I LI()ORE BEV EiRI,        r., real estate, in,- and lhans, 791
  College av., res. 139 State.
(ilo Ferdinand, miarble-polisher, res. 532 ()utagainie.
Gilson Annie NI. Miss, res. 6.5 N irth.
Gilson (Caroline (wid. Samuel I1.), res. 65S North,
lintz Nicholos C., foreman ApIldeton Post, res. S51) A ppleton.
iipp Rudolph, miller S. K. \Vamibold & Son, res. 7103 N. I)iv-
(Unaser Mary Miss, res. S61 Sulperior.
G laser Pauline Mliss, res. 17S (Cberry.
Glaser Theodore, teamster Willv &  'o., res. 25( Cal uni't.
(Il;isnow John, papermikr, res. 1202 Lawrennc.
leed Annm Miss, dressinkr, 97-1 I,:awriuc, res. saMle.
(leed Maurice lichard, lab., res. S91 Atlantic.
(lcnnon (Charles 1, , stianititter, res. 673 Meiade.
(Gleniion .Ja!ies,nlcsscl(I(r Adjutant (General's Olflice, Nhdli-'I ,
  res. 673 Meade.
(Gloudecnials Arnold, COnc(hlmal!, re(s. 10,58 2td.
(loudemans Peter A., elk.    .l J. I'ettibout & Co., rcs. 7.( N.
(lueckstein Helnry, painter, res. 39)8' Stnt'.
Glueckstein Kathierinit (wid. Michaiell), res. 8)96 State.
Glueekstein Michael, lbkpr. Star Brewery, res. 1020 Fisk.

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