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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1891-92 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.

[Alphabetical list of names: G],   pp. 69-75 PDF (1.4 MB)

Page 70

      G1AR                   70(GE)
(6arvey MNIiclhael, policeman, res. 179 State.
Garvin Itenry, plumber, res. 778 College av.
(warvin Mary NMiss, res. 10(3s 80th.
64tshier \Vinand, lab., res. 57,5 Tehudah. Emmna NIiss, seanist ress, res. 7S7 Ltke.
(l6ass Frederick, grocer, 7S7 ILake, res. same.
(TLss lHenry, res. 787 Lake.
(,avs Mary NMiss, res. 787 Lake.
Cassner An(trew, lab., res. 211 Mason.
Gis4nser (6eorge, la:b., res. 211 NIason.
(G:issuer Jolhn, tailor, res. 211 Mason.
(assner Mary Miss, res. 211 Mason.
Gast August C., g-ardener A. L. Smithi, res. 518 Eldorado.
(Gast ('larles, res. 7:4;; 21 av.
(mast Charles, coaclhnan, res. 733 D)urkee.
Gateley Annia (wid. O)wen), res. 15'.) Locust-
(Gaudllitz Bertha Ii~s, . 762 State.
GauwtIitz MIarie (widI. (harles) res. 76;2 State.
( audllitz Nary NMiss, res. 762 State.
(Gavelinger Mary, domestic 5,35 Appleton.
(avin Nlartin, locomotive engineer, re". 6;5:1 Laike.
(Gayliart Hattie, domestic ;1S Union.
Gee Sarah (wid. James), res. 191 Minor.
(gegenwart Co. (Rev. NIax IHein and HIenry \W. NMeyer), pubs.
  (Gegenvart, 614 N orris to.
(ielin .Joseldi, carpenter, res. 1077 Parkhurst.
(,elin NMaurice, studlent, res. 1077 Parkhurst.
(ilehl Charles, lab., res. 11-42 Richion1(.
(eliriig Eni ma NMiss, res. 1111 1 Packard.
(ehriig Fredterick, mason, res. 1114 Packard.
(Gehlring John, thriver, res. 733 D)urkee.
(Iieiring Joseplhine, tloiiostie 520 (College av.
Geh+ring Niargaret NIrs., res. 1114 Packart.
Gehring )liver, hostler, res. 761 D~urkee.
Gelirs Henry, lab., res. 775 Vine.
Ceiger Joln, sawyer, res. 563 C(alunmt.
(Geiger Mary, domestic 771 Kimball.
(,ieiger Nicholas, machinist, res. 1310 2d.
(ieiger Theresa, spinner, res. w. s. NMaple (& rove, 2 n. of S. River.
GEM MEL J()SEPI, wliolesale wines, liquors and saloon,
  777 College av., res. same.
(WENSIKE      JOHN    REV., pastor St. Paul's Church, res.
  06(;1 Drew.
(Gerbrick William A., bookkeeper, res. 191 Waslihington.
Gerlach Annie Miss, res. W6[4 State.

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