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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1891-92 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.

[Alphabetical list of names: F],   pp. 64-69 PDF (1.2 MB)

Page 68

      FIA                    68                 FUUR
Fransway. See also Francois.
Frantz lHenry, lab., res. S77 ILake.
l"r:aser Allen A., carpenter, res. 772 2d av.
Fr:iser IlIugh, lab., res. 772 2tl av.
F'r:ser .h,'ssie Miss, res. 772 2d av.
Fr~iser Nellie, domnestic 51,) 2dI av.
Fraze \Villi:am, lab., res. 10)17 Packard.
Frederick Aug ust (C'., re's. 851 Morrison.
Fredterick Enmilie Miss, res. ,51 Morrison.
Freeim:ani Alfred, elk. Iailey " Itose, res. 935 Oneida.
FIREEMMAN      IIlRAM    Cr., cashier (,on(. Nat. Bank; sec.
  IFox I~iver I':!ltr (Co.; res. 149 (C'ollege av.
Frenich Cluhirles 1,, toachluir, res. 552 North,
French ILaura .J. Miss, res. 552 North.
French Ml'aria .1. ( wid. lhezelkalh), res. 552 North.
lFreude .John, res. 554 Ehthorado.
VIEINi) A LIIErT        M., lItysiti'ui ani surgeon, 719:1 ('ol-
  Ie t'' ax'., res. 629) Sunl ior.
Fr1und A lois .I., elk. Lonis Schi itz, res. 6319 Sitathond.
' rtnis IK:irie Miss, res.  Iv'll ),icnirond.
Pround NihoJ(l~ii bkktr 1-1. lBissiig & Sons,% res.  it:!lichionndm.
tFriidayS Johnii, res. ;551 Eldohradho.
tFrheder,ý Iet(i", res,. 7S3 St:ire,.
F~rieders Philip, lviistonl comtictl'lOF, Ires. 731 Statre.
lri'is KIirborar (wid. Michallal), res. ()(;(; Law\\renlce.
Frites Frink, res. 5G S;7 Walnut.
Frilsehe ('Ciristine (wid. ILouis), res. Waterfiront e. of Story.
Fritsel I'ticliartd, carpenter, res. 623 Spring.
Fritziliger John, fainrmer, res. 110)ll Sup teriior.
Froehldich Franlctes Miss, res. (62(0 Atlantic.
Froehiliclh Gttrge, l ib., res. 6120 Atlattic.
Frtthiljict bJ)seplh, carpet weaver, 6220 Atlantic, res. samte.
Froehlich Letq)tol, horse dealer, res. 691 Edwardts.
Frotlilich Michiatl, tailor, res. 7:',) Atlantic.
Froeiniiniiini William, earpentter, res. 13:0 C('arver.
Fuchts John, lah., res. 1051 O)ne ida.
Fuhrilt i tPeter, catrpenter, res. 1109 Fisk.
Fuller D)axvid, drayinan, res. 682 lPacific.
Fliller Jetsse F., bootkpr Appleton Machine Co., res. 471 Alton.
Fuller ihotinas, bra kemian C. N. W. R. R., res. ('rescent House.
lFunial Teler, imnachiniist 1Kinm berly -Clark (C'o., res. 1190 Spenei'.
Funck IHenrietta Miss, res. 1073 Fisk.
Funck John 11., lab., res. 1073' Fisk.
Fuiik Eniil, lab., res. 790 lItiihnonil.
Furance George, lab., res. 515 Outagaimie.

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