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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1891-92 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.

[Alphabetical list of names: F],   pp. 64-69 PDF (1.2 MB)

Page 66

       FIS                   66                  FOR
Fisc'r , Aiton, inusie teacher, 772 Fisk, res. same.
Fischer Berthal, sorter Patte \Mills, res. 111S Alvin.
Fischier Chiarls. electrician Fire Delpt., res. 631 Oneida.
Fischer Edw:rd, lime burner, res. 770 Lake.
I,'ischer En'iia Mis's, res. 772 Fisk.
Fischier Franz. lab., res. HllS Alvin.
Fisi-her (Gustav. lab., res. 111S Alvin.
Fischer Ida Miss, res. 772 Fisk.
Fischwr Jolin, lab., res. I c. s. Freedom rd.
Fischer .John, bar tender henry Wendellborn, res. 929 Morrison.
Iisclier Josepli, lab., res. I e. s. Freedom rd.
Fisch.'r Mary, doniestic 713 C(ollege av.
1ischer Max, res. 968S Prospect.
l1i)+chlwr Mv+lc'iio+r, iaston, res. 555 \Walnut.
l itIhir 'IThire'se Miss, doniestic Briggs Hlouse.
Fisclier Williami, lab., res. IllS Alvin.
lishi Berthia Miss, res. I1:)' Locust.
Fishi (lark, paperinkr., res. 11  Locust.
Fishl Jessie Miss, res. '113 LIo)cust.
Fishi Stilliian, papermnkr, rce. 113 LOcust.
Fislir Antliony J., steaiiitter \Vi. Wenzel, rus. 10611 Lawrence.
,is-hr Annie Miss, res. IOUM  Lawrence.
lFi'hwr ,ohln), rcs. lWNt Lawrence.
IFishier W\enzel, lab., res. 107; Lawrence.
Fitzgerald Ellen (wid. Jolin), res. f'021 Lawrence.
t'itz'gerald .hoii, l!t):, res. (;53 Lincoln.
Fitziiaurice Ainie     reiss, r 7s. 67( 7th.
l'iizii:irice Kate Miss, res. 9)7(6 7th.
FIITZMAUMICE         WVAIO'WE J. RIEV., pastor St. Mary's
  'hurch, res. 176 7th.
Flavin Jaimes, la)., res. 741 ltichiiond.
Flavin Tiiiotliy, lab., res. 7 1.II iclhnond.
Fhemiyg Andrew I)., linen \WVrks (hraid ('hute Island, res. 501
I"neiiig ,\iiic Miss, res. 501 Johin.
Foley Ella Miss, res. 4IS9 Chierry.
It'hev Kadtie MIiss, re. IS1!) ('erry.
I4%   Kaltheriic (wiT. l)aniM), res.  0w.) (hirrv'.
Foote Jane T. (wid. Edward Q), res. 915 Prosect.
F"Htmtsh I{ls~t (Wd. Santnf~d), rum. 101; 80h.
Ford Miargaret Mrs., res. O)rnisby Hall, Lawrenice University
o)rll Nellie F. Miss, res. Ornisby Hlall, Lawrence University
Forrest Robert T., pressman Appleton Post, res. 955 Gilnore.

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