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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1891-92 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.

[Alphabetical list of names: F],   pp. 64-69 PDF (1.2 MB)

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       FEA                   f;5                  FlIS
 Feavel Thomas It., carpenter, res. WN( Iamikin.
 Feiker Frauk E., tklbinder. 762 (Cl h-e av., res. 850 SuLperior.
 Feltb1oven Nettie, domestic Sheru i lHouse.
 Feldnieier John. lab., res. w. s. Maple ( ,rove, 2 n. S. River.
 1'ebline\ er (IMiliuhe, domestic, r,.s. 521) (lldg-e av.
 Felschmid Setkist ian, lalb., res. G;75 Richmond.
 Feltzer Alwhin, domestic ('eitral Ilon-e.
 Feltzer Louis W., twrkeeýper J. C. Chienevert, res. (9)1 l)urkee.
 Felzer ('harles, well driller, res. 9)07 Atlanta.
 Felzer Christian, lab., res. 929 Superior,
 Felzer .ioseplh, teamster, res. lOS Ellorado.
 Felnal August, l:est house s. s. Elsic, ,m west cl1.
 Femnal Frank, lab., res. 1211 Lawrence.
 Femnal lhomlas, pulunokr, res. :193 Locust.
 Femal. Seeaso .1 Fu)al
 FerguSon I)ella Miss, (lk. Peter 'apsall's, res. 675 Dlrew.
 Ferguson Ettie, stenog. A pp. W\oolvii .lills, res. 771 Saintson.
 Ferguson Maggie Niss, res. 687 ()hida.
 Fernett John, engineer M., IL. S. k W. Ry., res. 482 County.
 Fernett John W., hostler, res lS2ý County.
 Ferrans Mary L. (wid. John), res. 585 State rd.
 Ferris Theodore N., trav. agt., res. 513 Washington.
 Ferry ('harles 1I., res. 518 College av.
 Ferry Harry A., book-keeper, res. 5IS C'College av.
 Feuelitling August, carp. contractor, 176) ('otninercial, h. sane.
 Feuchtling Elizabeth, res. 176) C 1ommercial.
 Feuerstein Chas., upholstr. F. WVi. 1). laLIII, res. 697 Collegeav.
 FiclitnnMeller Theresa (wid. \Vi.), res. 38SS .Jackmian.
 Fiek L. Cbristian, janitor 2d District Sehool, res. ;;3 Appleton.
 Fiedler Wiilliniii, elk., res. Creseenit IHlouse.
 Filter Vizgo, marble cutter, res. S8S State.
 Filz Hlermian, tinner, res. 1210 Ltawi renee.
 Filz William, nengineer Kinmberly - (Clark, res. 1210 Lawrence.
 Findenkeller Fred \V., res. 138 College av.
 Fin~ger August 11., elk. W. L. INhodes, rcs. S5-)( (411144hl.
 Finger Fred, earplenter, res. S5)0 (artlield.
 Finger Wileluiinia (wid. Michael ), res. S6i0 I I'arlichd.
 Fink William, saloon, ;;5 Lake, res. same.
 Finnegain Arthur F., barber, res. Briggs Ilousc.
 Finnegan Edward, policemian, res. 771 l'acitie.
 Finnegan LIewis 11., barber, 758 College aV., res. 78,8I College av.
FIRST     NATIONAL       BANK, tlenry 1). Smith, pres.;
  HerIman Erb., cashier; s. w. cor. College a'. anld Appleton.
First Ward School, s. e. cor. Mleade and Eldorado.
Fischer Annie, domestic 689 Lake.

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