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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1891-92 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.

[Alphabetical list of names: E],   pp. 62-64 PDF (672.0 KB)

[Alphabetical list of names: F],   pp. 64-69 PDF (1.2 MB)

Page 64

      ERt                   64                 FEA
Ertl Agatha Mrs., res. s. s. Carver, 1 w. R. R. track.
Ertl Lorenz, shoemkr, res. 1219 Spencer.
Iszlinger Theresa Miss, res. 981 Sth.
Evans (George, student, res. ; 15 Lawe.
Everts Anna Miss, res. 85"8 (arfiehl.
Everts Hlermnn, carpenter, res. ,53 (GarliMld.
Fversz Louis, marhle cutter, res. 706 Lawrence.
Ewing Ella, cashier C. J. P'ettibone & Co., res. 781 Bateman.
Ewing Lucy G. (wid. Charles 1I.), res. 781 Bateman.
 A(,AN (Charles, lab., res. 900 College av.
 1'           o ,a (,erge, nmolder, res. 900 College av.
 Fagan folhm, lab., res. 900 )College av.
 Fagan John Jr., ,rulder, res. 190) College av.
 Iagan Katherine Miss, res. 900 College av.
FAIHBANKS IRVIN           S. (Fairbanks& Babcock),res. 70s
FAIl{BANIS &        BAIBCO('K     (Irvin S. Fairbanks and
  A. A. Babcock Jr.), imachinists, e. s. Lake, n. Bridge.
Falk Wilhelhimine (wid. William), res. rear 1075 College av.
Fallon Maggie B. Miss, res. 1122 2d.
Fallon Mary E. Miss, res. 1122 2d.
Fannin William A., asst. supt. sulphite plant, res. 160 Alton.
Farrell Bridget Miss, res. 1195 Spencer.
Farrell Jaunes, res. SOS State.
Farrell Katie Mrs., elk. T. J. (Ginlin, res. 842 College av.
Farrell Luey Miss, res. (;6( State.
Farrell William (Kavanaugh & Farrell), res. 1195 Spencer.
Fass Albert, lab., res. 571 Calumet.
Fass (Charles, lab., r's. 571 Calumet.
Fass John, lab., res. 571 Calumet.
Fass Peter, res. 571 Calumet.
FAVILLE JOHN          REV., pastor ist Cong. Church, res.
  574 lvawe.
Featherston Daniiel, pap erinkr, res. 1032 rth.
Featherston Jhohn, machinist, res. 1032 (4t.i
Featherston William, paperinkr, res. 1032 6th.
Feavel D)ella Miss, res. 1076 (Gilmore.
Feavel Hlenry S. (Wood &l Feavel), res. 108 (Gilmuore.
Feavel Joshua E., engine tender Patten Mills, res. 1076) Gilhnore.
Feavel Oliver, tinner Win. Konrad, res. 1076 Gilmore.
Feavel Stephen, carpenter, res. 1076 Gilnore.
Feavel Thomas, painter, res. 1076 Gihlore.

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