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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1891-92 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.

[Alphabetical list of names: E],   pp. 62-64 PDF (672.0 KB)

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       WIt;                 8                   ERN
Eick Charles, lab., res. 60O Hancock.
Eick Henry, lab. Atlas Paper Mills, res. 917 2d av.
Eiger Nicholas, lab., res. 1310 2d.
Eisensch iidt William, printer, res. Northwestern Hotel.
Eisflinger Theresa Miss, res. 981 8th.
Eisner Albert, tray. agt., res. Washington House.
Ekstroner Thore, electrician Standard Lamup Co., res. Sherman
  I louse.
  Elfias Albert, carpenter, res. 820 Appleton.
  Elias I leriine, midiwife, '13 Wirinel)ago, res. saine.
Elhis Theodore, ilison, res. 813 Winnebago.
Ellenbeckt' iAggie, help (Coiiiiericial I louse.
Ellenbeck Sntsaii, help Coimercial llouse.
Elliott Alice Miss, res. 5141 State rd.
Elliott Ellen Mrs. (wid.), res. 51,5 State rd.
Ellii,tt Mary Miss, res. 514 I tSite rd.
ELLSWORTHI IIHERiBERT E., diiysiciaii, 588 (neida,
  res. 6)70 ()neida.
EIMEIHE      ,IJOS. M., barber, s. w. cot. (College :iv. and
  Oneida, res. 86b1 College av.
Ely Katie Miss, head waiter SIerman lhotise.
Emnory (Charles, engineer, res. ItX)5 (College av.
Enders Jacob, tinner, res. -  I Is Lawrence.
Endter Albert, fireman, res. 1019 Lawrence.
Endter Hattie, domestic ....1) )iurkcc.
Engel ('arl, brick layer, res I !;: O)eida.
Engel ,John, steaoilitter N. S. Patterson, res. 7.s7 I)urkee.
Enigler Margarethl (wid. Niclolas), res. 701 Irew.
l'ngler Mlinnie Miss, lk. C. J. PeLttibonie & Co., res. 701 )irw.
Eno Edward F., res. 7 17 Lawe.
Eini II enry, hostler, res. 9:)4 (College av.
l':no Niartinl, lab., r~s. Waterfront, c. Story.
Eno Myrtie M. Miss, res. 741 Lawe.
Eiios TPrumiian, cnarpenter, res. 103( Lawrence.
Erb Ainie Miss, res. (GS8 tHarris.
Erb Emil A., inngr. Ap pleton Opera Hlouse, res. 68S  la rris.
ERt    IIERMA N, cash. First National BaNk, res. 722 IlIarris.
Erb Ilerlnan IJr., accou titiit M nfg. Investment Co, res. 722 II arris.
Erb Iltura Miss, res. 722 llairris.
Erb Mary Miss, r's. (is' Ihl'ris.
Erdinanni (Gustav A., carlenter, res. G27 Spring.
I,:rdiiiann Peter V., inol ler, res. 10(87 i'ackard.
Erliardt Frederick, lib., ri'es. 1i)90 Lorain.
Erlimg F. A. Mrs., iiilliner, 927 College av., res. samie.
Ernst Joseph, lab., res. 196 Mason.

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