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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1891-92 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.

[Alphabetical list of names: D],   pp. 57-62 PDF (1.3 MB)

Page 61

      DOW                   61                 DUN
Downey George, tray, agent, res. 874 2d av.
Downey Henry, res. Briggs House.
Downey Lucy Miss, res. 874 2d av.
l)raeger Fred, lab., res. 1024 Richmond.
l)raeger Pauline, domestic 197 John.
l)rasser Cornelli, lab., res. 1211 Lawrence.
l)reblow Alvin, elk. 578 College av., res. 763 College av.
D)resser Rufus C., res. 633 Meade.
Dresser William It., student, res. 638 Meade.
l)rew Nettie Miss, res. 550 Spring.
l)rexler Annie, sorter Telulah Mills. res. 1087 Packard.
D)rexler Catherine (wid. Carl), res. 1087 Packard.
D)rexler Martin, shoeinkr J. M. Rossineissl, res. 10.87 Packard.
D)rexler Nicholas, rotaryman Telulah Mills, res. 1124 Fisk.
l)reyer Joseph, janitor Com. National Ban k, res 096 State.
l)rinkgiern William, barkpr. Central House, res. same.
l)rinks Frank, blksmith, res. 872 College av.
D)riscoll John, contractor, res. 787 l)rew.
D)riscoll Rhode, lab., res. w. s. Freedom rd., 2 n. 2d av.
Drown Albertus A. Rev., pastor 1st Baptist Church, res. 831
Drown Florence Miss, res. 831 Superior.
l)rown llelen 0. Miss, res. 831 Superior.
l)rown Leonard A., elk., res. 831 Sulperior.
1)rown Le Roy, student, res. 831 Superior.
D)rown Marian Miss, res. 831 Superior.
l)ruinmond Alexander, carter Woolen Mills, res. 496 South.
l)rummond Martha A. (wid. Enos F.) res. 850 College av.
I)ubois Joseph, lab., res. 725 Clark.
l)ubois Joseph ('., sample room, Waverly Ihouse, res. 571 Walnut.
D)ubois Nellie Miss, res. 725 Clark.
i)uelus Theresa (wid. John 1.) res. 539 Franklin.
l)uike Albert, molder, res. 1117 Harris.
l)umzumach Bertha, domestic 625 Lawe.
i)u ncan Charles E., miller, res. 711 Clark.
Dundon Hannah Miss, res. 033 1)rew.
l)undon James, lab., res. 633 D)rew.
l)undon Mary Miss, res. 633 l)rew.
l)unharn Alfred, carpenter, res. 7196 Lake.
l)unham Thomas I1., carpenter, res. 79t0 Lake.
D)unkel Casper, res. 767 Foster.
l)unkel John, paper-bag mnfr., 4S State rd., res. same.
D)unkel Richard, machine tender, res. 488 State rd.
)iunkel Sophie Miss, res. 488 State rd.
Dunn Elmer E., elk. Drs. J. T. & J. S. Reeve, res. 732 N. Division.

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