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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1891-92 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.

[Alphabetical list of names: D],   pp. 57-62 PDF (1.3 MB)

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      I)AV                   55                 I)EM
Davis (Carrie Miss (Davis & D)arling), res. 517 College av.
I)avis Evan. res. 517 (X 4llege av.
D)avis Frank E., baggag.-e t;mnster, res. 517 College av.
D)avis Sadie A. Miss, res. 717 Bennett.
Davis Walter W., st ident, res. 697 D)rew.
l)avis & D)arling (Carrie Davis and Alice I)arling), dresinkrs,
  317 (Co)llege av.
Day ElizabetIl Miss, res. 183 Cherry.
D~ay Emmoa Miss, re' s. TS:; (Cherry.
I):ay Niattlew, fireman .I. IL. S. & W. By., res. 18,8: (Cherry.
D~ay William, ]hi., r"s. 776; Itichi(nonI.
I)eam IDwiglit W., cliese dealer, in. M. L. S. & \V. depot, res.
  Brigg.s house.
I)EAVN   PIIILI I"   architect, 842 College av., Opera House
  1lk, res. 1062 3d.
lX cker C'atherine (wid. Jdhn iP.), res. G;74 State.
D)ecker I)oiinik, caripente-r, res. 104:1, Packard.
I )cker Ieontine Miss, res. 7 ,1 State.
DO Costa tlenry, lab., res. S19 Meade.
I)Dedecar Oliver, lab., res. 639 Bennett.
I)e Ford IRachel Mrs., res. 470 South.
1)(i Forest John, printer, res. 955 (Gilmore.
ID) Callvin, street ear driver, res. Central HI ouse.
DV)e iuire (George., back tndr. Ravine Pa per Mill, res. 825 Jackson.
De)e Guire Gelorge W., l)aperinkr, ris. 1:,22 2d.
I)e, (muire Katie, res. ]:,22 2d.
I)e (;uire ILconard, elk. Valley Irin Works, res. S25 Jaackson.
ID) Guirc Lounis, janitor 4th ward school, res. 'S25 Jackson.
I)Dcinr Mary, domestic 1(83 24.
l)eisehel Anton, lab., res. 975 ,JefIfrson.
I)iseichel Catherine (wid. Joseplh), res. 9745 Jefferson.
I)ciscliel Jo,.etih, lab., res. 975 Jeflerson.
D)e Land Le Roy C., com. tray., res. 550) Ranlkin.
IDe 1Land Oliver P., Business College, 79) College av., res. Briggs
  I louse.
Do)e Long IBelle Mrs., res. 63I )urkee.
ID L)Ing ()sias, lab., res. 138 1'acific.
DE IA)NG     W14LLIA     f WV., architect and carpenter con-
  tractor, 1)();0 Appleton, ITS. s1e:111C.
I)cltgen John, butcher A. E. Wolfram. res. 872 C(olege av.
1)cltour Emilia (wid. \Vilini~), res. 8912 IRichniond.
I)eltour JJohn, lab., res. 892 IRichmotd.
I)embach Andrew, re-. 7S9 Maple (Grove.
D)embach Fred, marble-polisher, res. Bounds, nr. Appleton Jct.
Denibach Gustav, res. Bounds and 2d.

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