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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1891-92 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.
Volume III (1891-1892)

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Page 57

      erT                   57                 DAV
Cuthlbert JJohn, lab., res. 664 Oneida.
Cuthbert Katie Miss, res. )(;I Oneida.
(Cuthlbert lizzie Miss, res. 664 Oneida.
Cutler Jlames B., carpenter, res. 48(6 Minor.
Cutler Stephen 0., carpenter, res. 486 Minor.
Cutler. See also Kutler.
Czirr Henry, lab., res. 1117 Oneida.
 D   ALEY Hannah J. Mrs., grocer, 715 College av., res. same.
       Daley Jay, elk., res. 745 College av.
I)aley. See also l)aly.
l)allas Alexalnder XV. (Dallas & Bushey), res. 809 Oneida.
Dallas l,oaghlin 1)., sexton Cong. Church, res. 725 lI)rew.
l)allas & lushey (A. W. i)allas and L. F. Bushey), draytnen
  and woodyard, yards, 7812-731 Oneida, office, 809 Oneida.
Dalton Bridget S. (wid. John J. ), res. 812 Fisk.
l)aly John F., supt. Appleton Pa)er & Pulp Co., res. 853 Prospect.
l)aly Math., papernikr, res. 1207 Spencer.
l)ambrueh George, soda water innfr., 787 Bateman, res. same.
])aminski August, lab., res. 892 Perry.
1)aminski Bertha, domestic 722 Harris.
l)aminsky Albert Jr., cigar nanfr., 636 Spring, res. same.
l)aminsky Albert, lab., res. 624 Spring.
Daminsky August, florist, res. 624 Spring.
Damon Lulu Miss, teacher, res. 480 College av.
I)anshaeuser Charles, painter, res. 891 Superior.
Damshaeuser Oscar, printer Appleton Post, res. 979 Atlantic.
Dane Cornelia (wid. Peter), res. 517 Durkee.
D)ane Etlie Miss, res. 517 l)urkee.
I)aniels Joseph, lab., res. 578 P'aeitic.
I)anielson Abraham, bkpr, res. 621 S. River.
D)ardis Ellen Miss, res. 1)195 Spencer.
I)arling Alice W. Miss (l)avis & D)arling), res. 372 Ehlorado.
D)arling Charles, res. 732 I 4awe.
I)arling Edgar ,J., elk. Abbott & I)arling, res. 696 College av.
D)arling Herbert C. (Abbott & l)arling), res. 696 College av.
Darling Sarah (wid. Abner C.), res. 372 Eldorado.
I)arlington Lena Miss, teacher, res. 645 Lawe.
Dau Herman (Schultz & l)au), res. 732 Commercial.
l)auber (Charles, machinist, res. 780 Garfield.
Dauterrmann Christian, teamster, res. rear 50 Newberry.
DAVIS ALLEN         E., dealer in lumber, coal and wood, C.
  & N. W. It. It. track, bet. Lawe and Union, res. 697 Drew.

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