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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's Appleton city directory 1925. Containing an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens of Appleton, a miscellaneous directory of city, county and village officers, banks, buildings, churches, colleges, schools, secret and benevolent, trade and social organizations, etc. Also improved street and avenue guide, and householders' directory of Appleton, a "buyers' guide" and a complete classified business directory

Rural routes,   pp. 599-608 ff. PDF (3.9 MB)

Page 600

  SHOE .O,
  119 E.
College Ave.
Phone 1217
Peters Ervin box 97
Pierre Jos box 32
Pingel John box 74
Pingel Wallace box 75
Puth Frank box 16
Radloff Fred box 50
Rathsack Jos box 85
Reimer Frank box 65
Reinke Henry box 42
Reis Frank box 86
Robinson B box 128-0
Roesler Oscar box 107
Rohn Chas Mrs box 57
ScJhaetzel Phil box 12
Schaefer Wan Mrs box 44
Schefe Arth box 40
Schimnberg Edw Rev box 116
Schlintz Leonard box 128-B
Schmit Gee box 69
Schneider Julius box 76
Schneider Oswald box 37
Schoettler John box 51
Schroeder Aug box 101
Schroeder Chas E box 78
Schuldt John box 77
Schulze Edw box 104
Schultz Herman K box 92
Schultz Wmn box 98
Schulze Otto box 60
Schulze Robt box 67
Seifert Julius box 46
Shasky Jos City Home box 128-Q
Sisters of N D School box 115
Smith Emil box 30
Spoerl Mrs Geo box 8
Stecker Henry box 72
Steinbach Walter box 56
Thiel Henry F box 28
Tiedt Fred box 39
Tillman Albert 0 box 13
Triangle School box 114
Ulmen Henry box 79
VanLieshout Henry box 21
Wasserbach Jacob box 110
Weltzien John box 53
Wide Awake School box 119
Winter Robt W box 122ý
Woestenbe(rg Chris box 64
Wolff Gust box 87
Woods H Jas box 103
Zschachner Herman box 58
Zschachner Otto box 54
Zerbel W box 128-L
         Rural Route 2
Alberts Emil box 172
Areas Geo box 166-L
Bast Henry box 26
Becker Wm H box 89
Behnke Henry box 43
Belling F box 150
Berg Leo box 27
Bierman Amelia Mrs box 2
Bixby Hattee box 137
Bixby Phil box 138
Bordhardt Albert box 81
Bose F box 128
Brinkman John box 166-K
Bucholtz Chas box 44
Buoholtz Henry box 37
Buman Chas H box 68
Cavanaugh B box 147
Cedar Grove School box 75
Clark E E box 14
Cotter John box 114
Court Henry box 111
Cox Shirley S box 161
Culblertson Harvey box 64
Curtis C C box 122
Deliest Win box 34
Diehl Fred box 32
Doell Aug box 97
Doell Emil box 94
Dunker Fred box 70
Ehlers Henry box 56
Eichstadt John box 105
Eickman Bros box 39
Eisch Louis box 166-E
Ertl Lawrence box 10
Everetts Harry box 167
Farrell Frank box 113
Fisher John box 155
Fisher Kath box 166-D
Frahm H box 119
Fredericks John box 41
Freude John H box 133
Galan F box 123
Gayhardt Mike box 131
Glassnap Ferdinand box 19
Goss Joe box 117
Griesbach J box 16
Hammes ýFr box 129
Hawley Jas box 118
Held Peter box 9
Hetzke Herman box 144
Hoh Alf box 99
Hoh Henry L box 101
Hoh Levi box 17
Holcomb M box 166-Y
Jacobs F box 145
Jamison Robt box 74
Jamison W G box 72
Jenkels J box 169
Kaphingst Fred C box 47
Kasper J L Rev box 162
Kern Joe box 170
Kernan Henry box 163
Kleuss John box 60
Klinko Aug P box 149
Klinko Henry box 148
Klintzke Aug box 20
Kloess Emil box 166-M
GIBSON               TIRE           CO.
              Service Station
        211-213 West College Ave.

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