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Our first 100 years, 1857-1957

The middle years--1900-1945,   pp. 20-55 PDF (14.9 MB)

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                     TUTTLE PRESS COMPANY
                             58 Years of Paper Converting
  The Fifty-eight years of service rendered by the Tuttle Press Company had
its inception at Elgin,
Illinois, in 1899.
  Mr. A. F. Tuttle laid the foundation of this business, which has since
become one of the leading in-
stitutions in the paper converting industry.
  From a small store twenty feet wide, equipped with one specially constructed
press, there has de-
veloped a business whose product is to be found in all parts of the United
States and foreign countries.
  In the early years, work was confined to the printing of tissues used for
napkins and wrapping bottles,
shoes, gum and other commodities.
  From the printing of tissue paper, has developed a line of paper specialties,
Plain, Colored and Dec-
orative Crepe Papers, Dinner, Cocktail and Luncheon Napkins, Christmas and
Fancy Gift Wrappings for
every occasion, Table Covers as well as Fireproof Streamers and Floretta
Crepe for flower pot decoration.
  The distinct advantage of being located near the source of paper supply
was early recognized, and in
1902 the small plant was moved to Appleton, Wisconsin, and installed in quarters
considered large enough
for many years to come. The development of the business was so rapid that
three years later additional
space was required, and the first unit of the present plant was erected.
The plant now covers an entire
square block for its operations, besides utilizing five large warehouses
for storing its goods.
  Our record of the past fifty-eight years is something for which we can
feel justly proud. It is our ever-
lasting desire to produce only the finest quality of merchandise and to render
the best of service.
                           PROGRESS IN APPLETON
                                       ioo Years of Progress in 20
      By yesteryear's standards, by any year's standards-more progress has
been made
right here in Appleton with Whey in less than 20 years than in any previous
hundred, any-
       You enjoy nutritious Whey as the dairy ingredient in your bread, your
cookies, in
baby foods, even in your tastiest ice cream-in foods of all kinds.
      Whey has suddenly come to the foreground. Whey
is now recognized as an important factor in the dairy in-
custry. whey now joins the magic march of progress witn
the other miracles that make up today's Appleton.
      More progress in Appleton means more progress
for all.

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