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Our first 100 years, 1857-1957

The early days--1857-1900,   pp. 2-19 PDF (6.7 MB)

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1848-John F. Johnston family, first in Appleton proper.
The Earl llays-1857-1O00
  In a lush and green river valley, where once
Indians lived and hunted and went to war
with each other; where fur traders and ex-
plorers had blazed a trial for two centuries,
a city came into being 100 years ago:
Appleton, Wis.
  Home of the distinguished and the simple,
site of a college since before its own incorpo-
ration and location of what has become one of
the most thriving industrial and business
center of its parent state, Appleton's pioneer
beginnings are storybook-romantic.
  Fur traders brought the first permanence
to the sweep of river from Green Bay up-
stream to what is now Appleton. Earliest
among them in the present Outagamie county
area was Dominique Du Charme, who built a
home and trading post in Kaukauna in 1790
on land acquired from the Indians. Augustin
Grignon bought the site in 1813. Grignon and
his brother Hippolyte built close to the river
under the sheltering shoulder of tree-shaded
bluffs, the one at Grand Kakalin, or Kau-
kauna, and the other at Grand Chute, or
Appleton. Both those homes became stopping-
off places for worn and weary travelers and
  Hippolyte Grignon, the latter of the
brothers to arrive in this area, married to
Lisette Chaurette, daughter of traders in Lac
Du Flambeau, first lived in Green Bay and
then, in 1835, built White Heron, inn and
home, at the head of the rapids in Grand

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