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16th annual report of the county agricultural agent in Wood County Wisconsin. 1936

Wood County agricultural conservation program,   pp. 1-2 ff. PDF (1.4 MB)

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     Farm income has been reduced from approximately five million
dollars aiinually for the 3000 farmers in .,ood County In 1929 to
approximately two and one-half million dollars. With the income
reduced, many farm taxes are not paid, homes are not cared for,
neither is recreation or amusement provided for, medical attention
is not provided for members of the farm family, and the farm stand-
ard of living is forced downward at a rapid rate.
     The payments on the Soil Conservation Program, as well as those
on the Corn-Hog Program and Zugar Lest Proeram will enable many farm-
ers to make necessary re-airs on buildings and make home im:rove-
ments besides building up their soil fertility and checking soil ero-
sion. In many oases the payments on the Loil Conservation 2rogram
will adequately take care of all soil building practices and provide
cooperating farmers with sufficient money to take care of any expen-
ses made necessary due to the shift from soil depleting to soil con-
serving acres..
Meetings were held in practically every tovnship in the county dur-
ing the first ten days of April Which were attended by approximately
2300 farmers.  At these meetings the %.oil Conservation Program w^  >
explained and the other soil improving practices discussed, inolud-
ing the early cutting of timothy, soil fertilization, and pr.sture
improvemeit. Committees were elected by farmers in each township
or district 'Where meetings were hold and these 64 committeemen were
sent out with a supply of work sheets to secure the data from each
farmer necessary for the county allotment coxmmittee to make the ad-
justments on the soil deploting acres in the county.
     The State Soil Conservation Committee gave the County of Wood
a maximum number of acres of soil tiopleting crops which could be
allowed under the program. The County Agricultural Agent was re-
sponsible to a considerable degree, in getting this soil depleting
base for the county fixed at the highest possible figure.  .djust-
ments were made by tho Wood County roil Conservation Committee
(committoe eleotod by thc township or community oommitteemen).  Mach
farmer was given a notification of his base by the committee and was
given at loast one week's time to accept or mel'e an appeal. .djust-
ments were made by the committee in an extremely fair and impartial
way with the idea of allotting each fcrmer a large onough base to
give him an opportunity to run his farm on a three or four year ro-
     Approximately 2,400 farmers have mado application for measure-
ment under tho Soil Consorvation Program before Sovember lst. Maps
have boen prepared by farm reporters who have bccn trained to make
the maps. Office help has boon secured to ohcok, compute, and cal-
culate the maps. Each farmer will be given an application form show-
ing the total soil depleting and soil conserving acres. le will then
make application for a grant and unless he makes application no grant
will be rade to him.
     The entire program has beon completoly voluntary and no farmer
has been unduly urged to narticipate in the program. On the other
hand, the office of tho County Agricultural Agent has been oxtromely
anxious that the entire information concerning the program be made
available to    Ufor vwithin the borders of the county.

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