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Annual report: county agricultural committee, Winnebago County: November 1, 1939 to October 31, 1940

Program planning,   pp. 23-26 PDF (941.1 KB)

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De Results
   le Program Planning Advisory Committees formed.
      a. Selected by 4gricultural Committee from representative
         rural organizations in county.
      b. Two meetings held.
          1. First meeting was to explain set up and purpose
             of committee.
          2. Second meeting was used to list and talk over
             county agricultural problems.
   2, County agricultural committee, extension agents and repre-
      sentative of College of Agriculture met and evaluated -
      recommendations and suggestions of the planning committee.
      a. Considering these recommendations plus experience
         received in planning past agricultural extension
         programs, the following county agricultural extension
         program was drafted for 1941.
Major Problems
Dairy Improvement
Phases of Work
Quality Program
Testing Association
Better Sire program
Herd health
Feeding & Management
Breed promotion
Investigate program
15% of cows on test
50 sires placed
Educational meetings -
   6 demonstrations
3 to 4 lesson schools
Educational help with
Rural Youth
4-H clubs
Older Youth
550 members - more
leaders - Leader
1 group
Farm & Home Records
Business management
Completo farm analysis
Fertilizer & Pasture
Home Equipment
Home Gardcns
52 farms
8 local meetings
100 farrs
4 demonstration farm3
Repair of sewinr maclninr
Salads - EgFg- Cookery
Slips - Hosiery - Shoes
Improve family food
Other Work
More direct helps to 4-H members
Corn borer w rk
Weed Control program -- Map of county, locating patches of creeping
                         jenny with cooperation of AA Committoee
                         Cooperate with town boards
Cooperate with Federal .'Agencies
Continue poultry projects with dceuonstration flocks
Farm buildings.
Farm & Home
Managemo nt

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