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Annual report: county agricultural committee, Winnebago County: November 1, 1939 to October 31, 1940

Miscellaneous activities,   pp. 19-22 PDF (1015.7 KB)

Page 22

   2. Qmro
      1ll farms having patches of creeping jenny were
         located and placed on a township maps These
         patches of creeping jenny were located through
         the cooperation of the A.A.At Community Committeemen,
         Weed Caomissioner anrd Tpwn Boa rd.
      B. A general meeting wdtb which all land owners owning
         land infected with ci/eeping jcnny wero invited.
         1. This included approximately 50 farmers
         2. VWeed Commissioner
         3, Town Board
           a. tt this meeting plans for controling creeping
              jenny were discussed. The following action was
              1. A five man towhship weed caomittee was elected.
                  The purpose of this crimittee was to outline a
                  weed program for the town. Action taken: A
                  local store was contacted and agreed to malke
                  available sufficient sodium chlorate for
                  farmers in the town (Orders were taken at a
                  general meeting) .
               2. A news letter was sent to all farmers in the
                  town containing the following information.
                  1, A live stem of creeping jenny so that
                     farmers would know the weed.
                  2. Methods of controlling creening jenny -
                     chemical and cultural.
                  3, Information that sodium chlorate was
                     available in the town - place, prices, and
                     method and time of application was given
    3. Scattered meetings were held in other townships in the
       county on weed control.
C. The county agent made dozens of individual calls to farms to
   identify creeping Jenny and recommend control.
D. Dozens of other specirv= were brought into the office for
   identification a nd for which reconmendations for control
   were gi veno

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