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Waukesha County gazetteer and farmers' and land owners' directory, 1890-91

Street directory of Waukesha.,   pp. 27-32

Page 32

LAJWYER       IF    NKCPA           ,1 34 Broadway,
Notary Pubic. 3AHKOI PARK, Waikesheis.
32                           m
j    Lincoln av., from Hartwell av. east to eastern village lim- I
its, third south of Arcadian av.
Summit av., from north end of Barnard northwest to m 4
western village limits.                                 I
Summer Place, from College av. south to southern village g
limits, first east of East av.                        m
- The Strand, from Main north to Wisconsin Central av,
first east of Wis. Central tracks.
Third, from Madison one-half block west of Barnard south-
coo   Union, from C., M. & St. P. Ry. tracks northwest to
-        North, fifth north of Madison,
Vermont, from Main east of East av. northeast to north-
ern village limits.
EE Walnut av., from Hartwell av. east, first north of Col-
S        lege av.
r-   Washington av., from Summit av. south to Bismark aT.,
third west of Barnard.                            L  J
_    Waverly Place, from College av. south, first west of West
av.                                                '
d West, from Main south to Broadway, first east of Grand av
P9    West av., from west end of Main south to southern vil-
g     lage limits.
a White Rock av., from the junction of Vermont and Brook-  C
z  field av. north.
.a William, from Maple av. east to Grand av., first north of
ZC. & N. W. Ry. tracks.
pqi Wisconsin av., from Fox River, first south of Main, east 3:30
-4= D  to Broadway.
CO o Wisconsin Central av., from the crossing of Vermont and  - 3
the Wisconsin Central tarcks east to The Strand.  o
t VIWright, from East av. east, first north of College av.    M
W   all Paper, Baby       Carriages and       Toys
1LAIR, . ESTBERC'Sy --a- Waukesha, Wis.

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