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Wright's directory of Waukesha 1909-10 together with a complete directory of Waukesha County comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a numerical street directory; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of villages and county officers, the public and private schools, banks, churches, societies, etc.

Waukesha directory: miscellaneous information,   pp. [17]-30

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20               WAUKESHA DIRECTORY.
County Board of Supervisors.
Chairman-A. W. Jones.
Brookfield-Joseph Woelfel, Elm Grove.
Delafield-C. J. Hahn, Delafield.
Eagle-T. J. Brady, Eagle.
Eagle Village-E. J. Lins, Eagle.
Genesee-John M. Jones, Wales.
Hartland Village-B. G. Schneider, Hartland.
Lisbon-W. H. Edwards, Pewaukee, R. 16.
Menomonee-Henry Zimmer, Menomonee Falls, R. 17.
Menomonee Falls-Henry Christman, Menomonee Falls.
Merton-W. Doolan, Oconomowoc, R. 24.
Mukwonago -William Quale, Mukwonago.
Mukwonago Village-A. J. Stockman, Mukwonago.
Muskego-James Malia, Muskego, R. 10.
New Berlin-G. Small, Calhoun, R. 11.
Oconomowoe-B. C. Rogers, Okauchee.
Oconomowoc City-1st pet. A. Snyder; 2d pet. George Ol-
son; 3d pet. C. W. Notbohm, Oconomowoc.
Pewaukee-L. J. Hurtgen, Pewaukee, R. 16.
Pewaukee Village-W. C. Jones, Pewaukee.
Summit-L. Johnson, Oconomowoc, R. 29.
Vernon-John Dewar, Mukwonago, R. 39.
Waukesha-E. Gerritt, Waukesha, R. 9.
Waukesha City-lst ward, A. W. Jones; 2d ward, F. C.
Blair; 3d ward, J. C. Land; 4th ward, C. F. Steele; 5th ward,
R. L. Benjamin; 6th ward, B. F. Nehs.
Equalization-A. W. Jones, C. W. Notbohm, William
Quale, James Malia, J. M. Jones, Henry Zimmer, B. G. Schnei-
Treasury-Frank C. Blair, John Land, W. C. Jones.
Sheriff's and Clerk's Accounts-A. J. Stockman, E. J.
Line, H. P. Christman.
Inquests-John Dewar, T. E. Jones, T. J. Brady.
Public Property-B. F. Nehs, L. J. Ilurtgen, George Small.
Tax Titles and Illegal Assessments-C. J. Hahn, Joseph
Woelfel, Charles Steele.
Pauper Accounts-B. C. Rogers, .George Olson, William
Miscellaneous Accounts-Roy Benjamin, Alex. Snyder,
Louie Johnson.
Insane and County Home-William Doolan, B. C. Rogers,
Edward Gerritt.
Roads and Bridges-Louie Johnson, T. J. Brady, George
Official Bonds-Charles Steele, T. E. Jones, L. J. Hurtgen.
Ways and Means-William Quale, George Small, B. F.
Education-W. C. Jones, C. J. Hahn, B. G. Schneider.

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