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Durand, Loyal, Jr. (ed.) / Transactions of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
volume XXXI (1938)

James, Harry Raymond; Birge, Edward A.
A laboratory study of the absorption of light by lake waters,   pp. [1]-154 PDF (46.6 MB)

Page 9

 Introduction 9 
ward such analysis would have been carried on in a different way. But it
seems to the Survey that the results set forth in the diagrams of this chapter
are worth presenting. It is especially hoped that they may suggest the use
of new and better methods to obtain more complete analysis and quantitative
 This is only one of the many aspects of the ecology of lakes which are calling
for quantification. Perhaps another one may be named, on which the study
of Dr. James has given us much information that would enlarge a more detailed
and accurate investigation. This is the presence, extent, origin, and variation
of spectral bands of local selective absorption of radiation by the waters
of lakes. This subject is not discussed in the present Report; but certain
especially plain cases are pointed out in the explanations of the diagrams.
 The data of this report state the total percentile effect of a one-meter
column of lake water (settled, filtered, or diluted) on radiant energy in
the form of light. The quantity of energy in the light entering the water
is compared with that emerging from it. No observations have been made, within
the water itself, on the processes affecting light which go on there. 
Madison, Wisconsin. June 10, 1937. 

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