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Juday, Chancey (ed.) / Transactions of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
volume XXI (1924)

Pearse, A. S.
Observations on parasitic worms from Wisconsin fishes,   pp. [147]-160 PDF (4.1 MB)

Page [147]

                        A. S. PEARSE
  The following descriptions of trematodes and nematodes from
Wisconsin fishes relate partly to new species and partly to those
that have been inadequately described or confused by previous
                 ACETODEXTRA, new genus
  Flattened Distomata having the acetabulum on the right of the
median line. Genital aperture between the acetabulum and the
junction of the intestinal rami; situated somewhat toward the right
side. Cirrus sac very small. Two more or less linear testes lie on
either side at the posterior end of the body, between the intestinal
rami and the median excretory duct. Ovary, somewhat lobate,
elongated, near the center of the body. Uterus with many coils;
extending across therhody from the acetabulum nearly to the pos--
terior end. Intestinal rami reaching nearly to the posterior end of
the body.
  Type species: Acetodextra amiuri (Stafford).
                Acetodextra amiuri (Stafford)
                           (Fig. 6)
  Stafford (1900) assigned this species to the genus Monostomum.
believing that no acetabulum was present, though his figure plainly
shows one. He was doubtless deceived by the fact that the acetabu-
lhm always lies to the right of the median line. The following
description supplements his:
  Length: 3.6 mm.; width: 1.8 mm.; pharynx, .14 by .10 mm.;
length of esophagus: 25. mm.; diameter of oral sucker: .185 mm.;
diameter of acetabulum: .277; egg: .035 by .026 mm.

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