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Transactions of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
volume VIII (1888-1891)

Van Cleef, F. L.
The pseudo-Gregorian drama Christus Patiens in its relation to the text of Euripides,   pp. 363-378 PDF (5.7 MB)

Page 378

M~~ RI                                        -11.1.1,1-l,.)---......~~
        378      Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and, Letters.,
        Brambs reject 6d from the text but wrongly. We have simply caugt
        him napping here and have an insight into his method of work.
          1570 = B. 45 v [Ear. -s] Osoqarxsz r' manro6 de ztovY3v r' cito
        xarr due xai 6zrovdco cdio.] Here OeoauaXs was left in C., M., V.
        the other resolved foot removed. It may be that this is to be explained
        by synizesis, as in A., B. it appears written Ovyaxaz.
          2219 = B. 668 Oa;co d' odxotdaz, zo6respa dozt zap'j7diq. This
is the
        reading of all the MSS. except A. (tor8p' c5S 7tr "p.) and
      - zt7ra ".), which are evidently attempts to remove the objectionable
          1048 = B. 1244. This has been discussed on p. 374. It seems most
        bable that he found in his Euripides jdyeos0.X
          We have then shown how the author of the Xp. I1., when off his
        followed his MS. of the Bacchae so closely, that he has introduced
        solved feet in several instances, and also that the writer al-
        lowed himself the liberty to change a line to remove the objectionable
        tribrach. The conclusion mast be drawn, that for Euripidean lines
        taining resolved feet the Xp. 11. offers in all but a very few instances
        testimony of a very insignificant value. We have also demonstrated
        slavishly in several iistances he has followed his model to the sacrifice
        of grammatical and orthographical accuracy in his own composition.
        We feel, therefore, justified in affirming, that, inasmuch as in
48 cases he
        has preserved readings vastly inferior to those of our own MSS.,
cases in
        which a change is scarcely to be justified, the writer of the Xp.
IT. made
        use of a MS. of the, Bacchae that contained a very corrupted text
of that
        play. I cannot in view of facts here brought together agree with
        that the citations from the Bacchae in the Xp. 11. have a high value
        the text criticism of that play. Nor can I give assent to his statement,
        that the Euripidean MS. used by this writer should be placed for
its ex-
        cellence midway between the two classes of the Euripidean MSS. dis-
        tinguished by Kirchhoff. The result of the present investigation
has been
        to assign to a class much inferior to the existing MSS., which belong
        Kirchhoff's second class, the MS. of the Bacchae that the author
of the
        Xp. 11. has used. Probably a careful investigation of the subject
        the other plays of Euripides plundered by this ignorant writer would
        veal the same state of affairs there also.

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