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Transactions of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
volume VIII (1888-1891)

Van Cleef, F. L.
The pseudo-Gregorian drama Christus Patiens in its relation to the text of Euripides,   pp. 363-378 PDF (5.7 MB)

Page 372

372      Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters.
above-mentioned editors draw from the signification of 6pa'ucodz of the
Xp. 11. 2015 and the form of the reading of P. the emendation rpiXov6crz.
C. So far we have regarded the readings afforded us in any way by
the Xp. 11. as either superior or equal in value to those of our MSS. of
the Bacchae. In Class C. will be collected all those passages in which
the author of the Xp. 11. has apparently with the utmost arbitrariness
changed the Euripidean text or with a more charitable supposition found
in his MS. a very corrupted form of the Euripidean text.
  1. 8. Xp. 11. 1583 has rEqpo V evy for rvvqxfeVa and c'dfadroy for
             egz- 4C66a. These changes were doubtless made to avoid
             the resolved feet. The Euripidean line is unmetrical and
             difficult. Barnes emended by dropping re and he has
             been followed by all the editors but the line is not relieved
             of all its difficulties.
  2. 9. Xp. 1. 1584 rpo5s rV&' for e45 AuHI. The same variation is
             found in
  3. 312. Xp. 1H. 584 zp0S yfrv for e15 yifr and
  4. 776. Xp. HI. twice (2244 and 2222) 7rpd5 rt' rtzparvo? for et5 r6V
             rtpcrV'ov. Of these three cases the first may have been
             due to the context. To obtain a final long syllable in
             7ro'zv, rPos may have been written after it instead of dis.
             But this explanation will not hold for the other two in-
             stances and the author of the Xp. 11. does not elsewhere
             show such attention to the laws of quantity. A short z
             lengthened under the influence of the accent is not a rare
             phenomenon in the Xp. H1.
  5. 13. Xp. 1H. 1587 zcrtsvevx;ezc zr0Xe5i for ro;LvXppv6ov5 yl6a5. The
             reading of the Xp. H1. is testimony to the accusative. Elms-
             ley, followed by Wecklein, reads iro;vXpvi6cen.
  6. 16. Xp. 11. 1590 zap8eX&.3r for .bctsXLcM. Here also 'AppOaf5coV
             'Apiar to avoid the resolved foot.     iz8eXOi'V is the
             reading of Str. I. 27, but Str. XV. 687 gives tAz6;2 ov, whicl
             Wecklein has adopted.
   7. 22. Xp. 11. 1564 ,uqaxY65 for ,uqxai'5. Similar is
   8. 993 = 1013. Xp. 11. 1099  i'pcvp6 for q9avsp6s.
   9. 46. Xp. 11. 1571 6' for z'.
   10. 56. Xp. 1. 1603 dus5 Oicrdo5 for &fctdoo Studs.
   11. 116 sq. Xp. 11. 1614 ev c          ,agrez yevo3 for aa' eaVuevz
             07fi7vyeYsY5 0KX7-5
  12. 184. Xp. 11. 1154 Xpj for ehz. But &ez is the emendation of Musu-
             rus for &' of the MSS., which corruption had its origin
             doubtless in itacism.
  13. 185. Xp. 1. 1155 vrib  'yoi for 6V~yot).

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