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Transactions of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
volume V (1877-1881)

Bundy, Will F.
A list of the crustacea of Wisconsin,   pp. [177]-184 PDF (2.0 MB)

Page 181

              A List of the Crustacea of Wisconsin.     181
trum. The specimen has peculiar hooks on third segment of
second pair of thoracic legs.
  C. propinquus (Girard) is also a very abundant species, generally
found in company with C. virils. It is our smallest species. Of
hundreds in my collection from various parts of the state, the
largest measures only two and one-fourth inches from tip of telson
to tip of rostrum.
  C. placdus (lHagen) occurs sparingly in Fox river, from which
stream I have received a single individual.
  C. rusticus (Girard) has been found in Lake Superior.
  C. v} sconsicenis (Bundy). Bul. No. 1, 111. Alus. Nat. list., 1876.
Rostrum wide at base, much rnarrower in front, not depreszed,
slightly concave above and nearly smooth, margins not elevated
above eyes, acumen short; cephalothorax oval, punctate above
and granulate on sides; lateral teeth but slightly developed;
areola narrow, wider behind; antennae slender, shorter than body;
epistoma variable, wider than long, lateral angles prominent;
third rmaxillipedes bearded within, and below at base only; car-
pus with a group of small sharp teeth on inner margin; two rows
of teeth on lower aspect of brachium; third segment of third
thoracic legs hooked; first abdominal legs of male long, thick,
bind, nearly straight, reaching when folded under thorax to base
of first pair of legs; external ramus longer, with recurved tip,
inner ramus swollen near short, acute, obliquely incurved apex.
  Racine and Normal, Ill.:
  C. dtldilis (Bundy). Bulletin No. 1, Ill. Mus. Nat. Hist., 1876.
This crawfish was found in the Little Baraboo river at Ironton,
in company with C. psropinquuis. A single individual was also
found in the Wisconsin river at Sauk City.
  Rostrum wide, quadrangular, slightly concave above, teeth
prominent, margins nearly parallel, acumen short and flat; cepha-
lothorax slightly depressed, punctate above, granulate on sides;
lateral teeth acute ; dorsal area narrow, widest behind; antennal
plates somewhat longer than rostrum ; antennae slender, reaching
to base of telson; epistoma wider than long, truncate; third max-
illipedes batbate on inner and lower sides; hands with two rows
of teeth on inner margins ; contiguous margins of fingers tuber-

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