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Transactions of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
volume IV (1876-1877)

Chamberlin, T. C.
On the extent and significance of the Wisconsin Kettle moraine,   pp. [unnumbered]-234 PDF (11.1 MB)

                CONSIN KETTLE MORAINE.
                     By T. C. CHAMBERLIN. A. M.,
           State Geologist, and Professor of Geology In Beloit College.'
   At the meeting of the Academy, three years since, I took the
liberty of occupying the attention of the members by the presen-
tation of some observations and conclusions in reference to a pe-
culiar series of drift hills and ridges in eastern Wisconsin, known
as the Kettle range, and the views then advanced afterwards found
a place in my report on the geology of eastern Wisconsin.2 Sim-
ilar observations were subsequently made by Professor Roland
D. Irving, of the Wisconsin survey, and his conclusions are in per-
fect agreement with my own.3
  In neither case, however, was any attempt made to show the
full extent of the formation outside of the districts reported upon, or
to point out its theoretical significance, the chapters being intended
only as contributions to local geology, made under somewhat se-
vere limitations as to space.
  It is not now possible to map, or even safely conjecture, the
complete extent and limitations of the formation; but it is the
purpose of this article to add such trustworthy observations as
have since been made, and to gather such evidence as may justify
a provisional mapping of the range, where it has not been actually
11 have taken advantage of the interval between the date of reading and the
printing to
introduce new matter. T. C. C.
2 Geology of Wis., Vol. It, 1877 (revised edition 1878), pp. 205-215.
s Geology of Wis., Vol. II, 1877 (revised edition 1878), pp. 608-35.

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