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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / The Wisconsin horticulturist: issued monthly, under the management of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the purpose of disseminating the horticultural information collected through the agency of the society
Vol. I, No. 6 (August 1896)

Vaughan, B. M.
Trees and plants in Wood County,   pp. 9-11 PDF (604.2 KB)

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the use of their society quite an extensive library of valuable
works and publications on horticulture:
I presume it is in order to report how fruits came through
last winter and spring, and how they now look.
Of our two hundred apple trees set in the spring of 1895 all
but forty are dead. The trees, when set, looked healthy and
vwgorouis anid all but seven started well.
Tfle soil on which they- were set was a rich. wvell drained,.
deep sandy loami, with clay sub-soil at depth of five to eight
feet. Water alwvavs stands above this cla~y to a depth of one
to tvo feet, but nowhere staIlds within. four feet of the sur-
face of the ground.
The trees were cultivated during the season.  Potatoes,
beans and squash wvere grow n aniong them. Last fall most
of the trees ripened their wvood in fairly good condition but
did not lookl as thrifty as I desired. Microscopic examination
showel that the cells of the twigs were not as well filled with
starch as I thouligt they should be-vere not as well filled as
all apple twigs of healthy trees that I had examined in pre-
vious years, had been.
This sprin.g the greater poart of these trees started new
leaves. When the leaves wvere about 3 to A inch long we had1
a cold night (xvith frost in some locations) and in a day oAi two
most of these !oung leaves were dead.   Sonie of the most
vi-gorolis looking trees at once grewv newv leaves and now look
wiell, but niost of the trees either failed to start new leaves
at all or the newv leaives. once started. did not grow to nornial
size. alid thiese alre now- all dead hit twvo.
I dug several of thiese dead and dlinig trees and found:
1st-That some had roots devad from the graft tnion down-
2n(l-That others had apiparently healthy roots and bark
but had started no new- growth of rootlets, and.
:3r(1-Thlat otherl s hald root. l)ark and top dead and shriveled.
Quite as large a per cent. of the hardy varieties died as of
tile less hlardy ones.  My! Alinnetonkas all died. also some
1)Ducliess and Transcendents.
Mv tamie plums acted in tile same manliner. Four of the
twxenlty are alive.  Osthefim and Earlv Richmond cherries on

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