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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / The Wisconsin horticulturist: issued monthly, under the management of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the purpose of disseminating the horticultural information collected through the agency of the society
Vol. I, No. 6 (August 1896)

[Biography: H. E. van Deman, Parksley, Va.],   pp. [1]-3 PDF (534.0 KB)

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H. E. Van Deman, Parksley. Va.
The subject of this sketch was born on a farm near Frank-
fort, Ross county, Ohio, Nov. 3, 1S45.  His earlv education
was received in the public schools of that place. and later lie
attended an acadein; at Soutlh Salem. At the age of seveni-
teen. he enlisted as a soldier in thle WN-ar of the Rebellion, serv-
ing as a private in 'ompl)any A. in the 1st Ohio Heavy Artil-
lery, his term of service rUnninlg froin Jllnle 5a 186;3 to the close
of the xNvar in 1i65. After his disclharge he resumed his stud-
ies, but soon decided to follow fruit growving as a life work,
and gave up his plans of attending eollege and found work
wvith a placticll fruit grower, in order to get the training lie
needed under a competent preceptor. For a few months he
worked on the famous fruit farmn of J. Knox, near Pittsburg,
Pa., and afterwards, during the years '67 and '6s; under the
peirsonml supervision of the noted poinologist. the late D)r. John
A. Wa arder, at North Bend. Ohio. By wvorking wvith the othter
laborers in the orchards. v-ineyN-ards and berry fields, and by
pursuing his studies of botanyv and scientific literature at
night and as occasion offered, something lilke the same end
was reached as is nowv attained by those who take an agricul-
tural course.
lie spent the next two years helping a brother clear awayx
a forest and planted a small fruit farmn in the wilderness of
northern Michl-igan. Later lie went to Kansas and boughlt an
eighty acre farmu, which was afterwards increased to 241)
acr es. neaVr Geneva, Allen county-. A portion of this he planted
to fruits of all suitable varieties.
After seven years of pioneer life on the Kansas prairies, he
received a call to fill the chair of botany and practical horti-
culture in the LKansas Ag-ricultulral ('ollege. He occupied this
position during the years 18S78 and 1879 and then gave it up
to renew active work on his farm.
Mr. Van Deman made it a practice to at-tend the va rious
local, state, national and international meetings and fruit
shows, either as mnember, exhibitor or awarding judge, as oc-

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