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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / The Wisconsin horticulturist: issued monthly, under the management of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the purpose of disseminating the horticultural information collected through the agency of the society
Vol. I, No. 5 (July 1896)

The Waupaca meeting,   pp. [27]-29 PDF (567.2 KB)

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The season advanced very rapidly after June 16( and 17 had
been announced as the date f)r the meeting at Waupaca, and
inymv fears wAere entertained that the best of the strawberries
WoUld be gone before that tine. especially those in the south-
evii portion of the state. lNit those wAlho shook their heads at
the mnwvisdoui in the selection of dates wvould have been agree-
ahly( disappointed if they coild have seen the ulnluslally fine
aId large display% that filled the air wvith fragrance and greeted
the admiriiiin-g eyes of those who (-carie tto "The I)ane's Home
Halla whlere the first mneetings wvere held. Geo. J. Kellogg &
Sons. .Tanesville, h]amd the Iargest exhibit, fifty-three varieties.
The exhibit fromn Thaver Fruit Farini was not quite llp to its
iisial standard of excellence. as the l)erries showed the effect
the sev ere (ldr( tlh of last 'year had lIonl tihe lplants.  Ak. I).
Barnes showed some fine berries on wN-hich he Avas awNA-arded
several premiums. Thme floral exhibit Avas very fine and large
nlll reflected(l g-reat  red(lit upon the Horticultural
Societv. NWhen Ave saw the exhibit of wvild flowvers wve were
led to exchlim, "W'aupaca is the very Paradise of wild flow%-
At ouri. anlllllll meetfinlg in February.  when tlme invitation
wx as g-i-vell u1s to g>o to Wallpaca. wve wvere promised a treat,
and Ave had it in the mmeetings held .Jume 17 at the Grand View
Hotel on the "'Chain-o'-Lahes." three and one-balf miles from
Watipaca. Wisconsin is noted for the beauity of her minmer-
ons lakes and is fast becomingg a state of resorts, not only for
ple^;snr(e-s seekers but for those xho lare wearie(l and worn wvith
thle viush an(l wvorrv of business life.  W-Ve hav-e visited nearly
all of the promlinelnt resorts in the state but there are iione
thrat caln complare wvith -The ('haim--Lahes" when a quiet
place xith all the comforts and convenmiences of the city are
combined wvith the unparalleled beaunty of the natural scen-
crv. We wvere xex much ind(el)ted to the genial proprietors
of the Grand Viexx Hotel wvho provided everything for our
CoM fort and furlnished everx conlvenienlce for an ideal meet-
Three years ago the proprietors. Alessrs. Hill and Vessling,
erected a large an(d commodiois hotel upon the most beauti-
film site of the enitire chain of thirteen lalves, but so fast did

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