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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / Annual report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the year ending July 1, 1921
Vol. LI (1921)

Meyer, Arno
Young men in old orchards,   pp. 152-155 PDF (954.1 KB)

Page 155

- .V  r       .- -
large lots, second grade went either direct to the consumer or
fruit stands. This year I got $2.50 a bushel for all my fall
apples and early winter apples at the orchard, and $3.50 for the
fancy apples. We have the market; all we need to do is to
produce the fruit. Twenty-five per cent of the apples were sold
right at home and people went right to the orchard and got them.
Besides d-oing this orchard work for the farmers there is great
opportunity in developing landscape gardening.
After I get my spraying business operating right, I will drift
over into that also because these farmers all have fine farm
homes, all they lack is good orchards and ornamental planting.
After you get farmers interested in these matters there would
be no difficulty in securing their support. I have over 50 per
cent of jobs booked that I had last year for spraying, and
every one of these has asked that the orchards be pruned, and
there are hundreds of these orchards all over the state that have
promising possibilities. If a man will go into it with proper
spraying equipment and spraying methods and good management,
he cannot help but make a success.

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