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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / Annual report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the year ending July 1, 1921
Vol. LI (1921)

Livingstone, James
Some roses worth growing and how to grow them,   pp. 102-107 PDF (1.5 MB)

Page 105

aphis. Frequent spraying with nicotine will keep them in check.
For slugs and other chewing animals spray with arsenate of lead,
or dust with slug shot. For mildew dust with flowers of sulphur.
No pruning should be done in the fall except to cut back any
long shoots that tend to make the appearance of the bed untidy.
Before severe freezing weather the plants should be gently bent
over and pegged down and left in that way until there is danger of
the ground being frozen. Before severe frost sets in, cover the
plants with soil in the same way as you would cover raspberry
canes, and then when the ground has been frozen hard a covering
of stable manure can be put over the whole bed. This method is
a good winter protection and also lessens the danger of the plants
being stripped of bark by mice.
As soon as possible in the spring the manure should be taken
off and as the frost comes out of the ground the soil can gradu-
ally be taken off, and the stakes that hold the plant down pulled
out, allowing them to get back to their normal position.
Pruning should be done as soon as possible in the spring. All
weak growths should be cut out and the strong growths cut back
severely. Apply and dig in at this time a liberal dressing of well-
rotted manure, or bone meal, and the plants are then ready for
their growing season.
Hybrid Tea roses are becoming of more importance each year
in the garden, and where the climate is not too rigorous, or if
well protected in winter, they give wonderful results. Their cul-
ture is much the same as for the hybrid perpetuals, except that
they do not need to be pruned so severely. Killarney, White
Killarney, La France and Richmond are some of the older va-
rieties that do well. Kaiserine Augusta Victoria is also a superb
rose of this class, sometimes classed as a hybrid perpetual.
Tea roses or tea scented are a beautiful class of roses and where
one can afford to plant a bed of them for summer display only.
they give great satisfaction. However, they are only half hardy
and will not stand our severe climate in winter.
Climbing roses have their place in every garden, no home
grounds are complete without them and a place should always
be provided for them. Their requirements as to soil and treat-
ment are much the same as for the varieties already mentioned.
Some of the old fashioned varieties like Baltimore Belle, Prairie

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