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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / Annual report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the year ending July 1, 1921
Vol. LI (1921)

Keitt, G. W.
Report on the effectiveness of dusting,   pp. 97-98 PDF (479.9 KB)

Glass, J. T.
Baskets,   pp. 98-102 PDF (1.3 MB)

Page 98

. '.  I  r~ - -  t -   -                 - - I r !-           -r.,.-  -
In Nova Scotia in 1920 four applications of sulphur dust gave
unsatisfactory results.
Doctor Giddings called attention to the fact that while certain
commercial growers who had taken up dusting in West Virginia
reported favorable results, certain others reported disastrous
failures in scab control. He called attention to the dangers which
might attend too rapid adoption of the dusting method in sec-
tions where scab is likely to be very severe. He expressed hope-
fulness that dusting would fill a useful place in orchard practice,
but urged the necessity of further experimental work for deter-
mining the limits of this usefulness.
I fully agree with Doctor Giddings that the possibilities of the
dusting method should be tested experimentally as thoroughly
and as rapidly as feasible, and that due attention should be given
to perfecting the dusting materials, machinery and practices.
However, in view of the conflicting nature of the evidence from
other sections and the great variations in results which may be
expected from different seasonal and climatic conditions, I would
recommend that Wisconsin apple growers approach the dusting
problem from the experimental viewpoint, and delay any general
change in practice until its merits have been proven under their
Thursday Morning Session
MR. J. T. GLss.
(From Reporter's Transcript)
While the basket has been used for many years by shippers,
its value as container for the shipment of apples has not been
recognized by fruit growers. Market conditions have not al-
ways been favorable to the basket. These conditions have
changed in the last two or three years, and are opening a better
field for the basket.
Nowadays the consumer, especially the occupant of city apart-
ment building, of all buildings steam heated or furnace heated,
cannot buy many apples at one time, and a basket of apples is

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