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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / Annual report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the year 1910
Volume XL, Part II (1910)

Hatch, A. L.
Notes on the lime-sulphur mixture,   pp. 149-150 PDF (436.4 KB)

Richards, M. W.
How to make Bordeaux mixture,   pp. 150-153 PDF (937.1 KB)

Page 150

The general use of kerosene barrels in spraying has established
the spraying barrel at 50 gal. This is what we may now re-
gard as the liquid spray unit. Recently I made examination of
several bulletins and found that the arsenical units for 50 gal.
varied from one and 2-5 oz. to 7 2-10 oz. In other words there
were five different quantities mentioned for the same purpose.
Surely so wide a variation shows error somewhere. One pro-
fessor in discussing lime-sulphur wash as a summer spray sug-
gests that the stock solution be measured by Beaume's scale-
28 degrees being a strength to require a dilution of 18 to '.
Here again we should meet with difficulties. It is not easy for
common fruit growers to obtain hydrometers iwith Beaume's
scale and it is not desirable that it should be used. The specific
gravity can be better determined by weighing. Since, however,
authorities differ in the amount of lime desirable to use in dis-
solving the sulphur it is evident the specific gravity of the re-
sulting solution wash must vary with the amount of lime used.
As the dominant force is sulphur and not lime it is evident that
here too we need a definite sulphur unit. With the amount
varying from 3-4 lb. to 1 1-2 lbs. oM liae for one of sulphur
there can be little uniformity of results. Unless shown to be
better otherwise equal weights of lime and sulphur and so made
as to have a specific gravity of 1.25 would give a definite sulphur
unit. Whoever establishes definite sp.ray units will confer a
benefit on horticulture.
M. W. RICawS.
You undoubtedly thought it queer when you glanced over
your program and again saw there the subject of Bordeaux mix-
ture. This subject, however, is like numerous other horticultural
subjects, it never grows old and we never know all about t.
Formulae for Bordeaux Mixture and descriptions for making it
have been published so often that the subject ought to be well
understood; yet meny inquiries are made regarding it every year
and very much trouble results from an improperly made mix-
In making Bordeaux Mixture the first thing to take into cen-

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